Has anyone felt pulled towards nursing...

  1. Since age 18 (and I'm over 40 now), I've been pulled towards nursing. I've let things get in the way including nerves, feasr, temporary setbacks, etc.

    I thought I had put nursing away, and I've been working as an accounting clerk. Then my mom came down with both ovarian and colon ca (she is fine, Thank God!), but being in the hospital and wanting to be her advocate when she wasn't getting the basic care that she needed, just has pulled me right back towards nursing. I'm now working at a community college within their business office, and next year I can do the night program for nursing, if I wanted to...Should I? Everytime a student comes to pay for a nursing school application...I find myself pulled more (I do have an application already in).

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  3. by   PurrRN
    Don't waste time in life wondering.....if you feel this is something you would love to do, then do it. There are numerous people our age going back to school to get their nursing degree's. One individual in my class is in his late 50's. His response was that nursing always interested him and he wanted to pursue every interest he had until he died. I love that attitude and wish more people could embrace it. Bottom line is that you are the only one that can make those descisions for yourself and you alone are the one who will descide if you succeed. Be prepared, nursing school is intensive study, hard on the family, and just plain exhausing all around. But you know what? That doesn't stop those of us who dreamed the dream. Hope you find encouragement in my post and you do what you were ment to do. Lots of luck to you:wink2:
  4. by   droadracer
    I can say that I have been constantly pulled. Have had an interest in nursing for some time. Like you, put it off, worked in another field..started to get pulled again, worked in another field. Guess what, the pull has gotten too great. I am 56 and male....and have applied to nursing school. Now waiting to see if I have been accepted. Go for it!!!!
  5. by   AuntieRN
    I graduated at the lovely age of 41 1/2. I dragged my feet for years too mostly for the same reasons you did. Well I graduated in Aug, took my NCLEX in Oct and now I have 3 more weeks of orientation and I am on my own. I am glad I finally made the leap. Good luck to you in whatever you decide to do.
  6. by   TemperStripe
    Definitely. As a kid, I played hospital all the time. My dolls had bandages and IV's. I wanted to be a nurse from the earliest I can remember, till I got into high school, met up with the wrong crowd, and got distracted. Then I went to college and was all set for a degree in technical theatre. Three years into that, I changed my major to psychology and that's what I graduated with. I was rejected from graduate school, and now I know the reason why. I'm two years out of college and I'm back on the nursing path. (I started to wonder what I was doing when my cousin got into nursing school, and all I could think of was how insanely jealous I was of her.) I'll be starting nursing school in the summer of 2007, and I'm looking forward to getting back on track.
  7. by   rtin05
    I feel like I keep getting pulled as well and don't know why. I will graduate in May 2007 from the respiratory therapy program but I have an opportunity to go back into the nursing program in June to finish up my RN degree in Dec 2008. I have already done all of the pre-reqs and even the first semester of nursing school. I really enjoy RT but there are not many job options around my local area and I would have to drive at least 2 hours to a bigger city. I have always wanted to be a nurse (since I was little) but I don't think I would want to be a med/surg nurse. But then again, once I started it I might be ok with it. I am so torn about what to do. I keep coming to this site to better understand nursing and usually get scared off by some of the negative posts about nursing and think, NO, I will just do RT. Then something pulls me toward nursing again. I am afraid that if I don't (I will be 40 in Feb.) that I will always wonder "What if". I am just really torn but my hubby says that if I am going to do it now would be the time while although I am tired of school, I am still in the school mode. I have to decide soon because I have to submit my request to be allowed back into the program. Best of luck to you. Tammy
  8. by   maddiesmommy
    Add me to the list of feeling the pull of nursing. I am a 32-yr old wife and stay at home mom to 3 children.

    I remember being very little and saying that I wanted to become a nurse, but I never pursued it, and my life took a different direction. Now that I'm finished having children, and at 32, I'm wondering what I will do once my youngest (age 18 months) goes to school. I have found that I am really becoming passionate about wanting to be a nurse. Although I don't have any nursing experience, except for taking care of my grandmother before she passed.

    I'm hoping to go to a technical school near me, and taking an LPN program.

    Good luck to you and everyone else here. I'm humbled to be amongst all of you.