Darn it. Mistake on my resume after I mailed it!

  1. I mailed out my resume in response to an ad on Friday. Today I was looking at it and all of the sudden an error popped right out at me! I didn't notice it before and by golly I had been over and over that thing. I even had my husband and a friend of mine who is a job specialist look over it and none of us spotted it. The mistake......

    I put periods after the state abbreviations! 'Chicago, IL. 55555' instead of 'Chicago, IL 55555' I am kind of hoping that it is a fairly common mistake? Maybe they won't notice...even tho that mistake is repeated at least 6 times between the resume and coverletter? LOL :chuckle

    I was just thinking....I put 'give attention to detail' as a positive attribute...that's showing em...eh? It could have been worse.

    Oh, well. This is the first time I have job hunted since 99'...I am a little rusty. So, worst case scenario, I have now had a refresher on resume writing and I will continue on and pay special attention to the tiny details...like placement of periods! Love Jenn
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  3. by   KaroSnowQueen
    Depending on your age, you could just laugh it off if anyone notices it, that you still haven't gotten used to the "new" way of abbreviating the states. Back in the day, we did abbreviate "Ill." for Illinois, etc.
  4. by   Audreyfay
    If the periods after the states steer them away from you, they don't deserve a good nurse like you!
  5. by   BabyRN2Be
    Nah, I don't really think it's anything to worry about. I read the subject line of your post thinking it might be really big, like forgetting to put down a place of employment, forgetting to put down how many years your worked at a certain place, "forgetting" to mention that you have 3 felonies on your record (I am JUST KIDDING! ).

    I really don't think that it's a big mistake, and it's probably unlikely anyone will notice. And if you don't get the job based on something like that, you probably wouldn't want to work there and they are probably missing out an a great nurse!

    I just got married in January, and I got called for a job interview when I wasn't home. I called them back saying who I was and I was interested in an interview and please call me back. My husband casually listened in on the phone call (he was getting ready for work), and he said, "Honey, I think that you gave them your maiden name, not your married name." I went into this thing, "She I call them back and look like a total ditz because I forgot my name?" or just let it go and pray that they knew who it was. I did call them back, but I didn't get the job. *sigh* I hope there's a job that I can find that I"ll like before I get into nursing school.

    Anyhow, don't worry, relax, everything should be OK. Sending you good vibes on getting the job.