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I am married, mother of 3 ages 1, 7, and 11, and working toward going back to school to become an RN.

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  1. Ad would read something like...."Stay at home mom/LPN has openings for childcare in my home......." Anyone know if there are any legalities to that?
  2. I mailed out my resume in response to an ad on Friday. Today I was looking at it and all of the sudden an error popped right out at me! I didn't notice it before and by golly I had been over and over that thing. I even had my husband and a friend of mine who is a job specialist look over it and none of us spotted it. The mistake...... I put periods after the state abbreviations! 'Chicago, IL. 55555' instead of 'Chicago, IL 55555' I am kind of hoping that it is a fairly common mistake? Maybe they won't notice...even tho that mistake is repeated at least 6 times between the resume and coverletter? LOL :chuckle I was just thinking....I put 'give attention to detail' as a positive attribute...that's showing em...eh? It could have been worse. Oh, well. This is the first time I have job hunted since 99'...I am a little rusty. So, worst case scenario, I have now had a refresher on resume writing and I will continue on and pay special attention to the tiny details...like placement of periods! Love Jenn
  3. I have been home since LPN graduation, so for almost 2 years now. (was pregnant at graduation) Since I have had a 3rd child (other 2 are older) I guess things have changed for me. I had been thinking of doing pre-entry toward the RN program. I even signed up for an online class. Now, a dental assisting job came up in the paper and I just feel like it would be prefect for me and for my life right now. Monday through Thursday 8 - 5, good pay, good benefits, Fri, Sat, Sun off. I guess the most important thing for me job-wise is that I work with people, with a balance of technical skills. Having every Fri - Sun off would be wonderful for our family. And being home in time to fix dinner and be around evenings and nights, and able to be involved with the kid's activities, would be awesome. I am not going to find that as a nurse around here. The one drawback is that my 14 month old will have to go to daycare. I know she will be fine, but I think I have realized finally that this is a life change and there will be a grieving process with it for me. I think that is why I have spent so much time confused and second guessing myself. I get so excited at the thought of applying for a job, then I go downhill and talk myself out of it. Instead of seeing those feelings as part of the process and working through them, I change my mind and avoid them instead. So I know that IF I even get the job, there will be an adjustment period....but I think that after that, I will be glad that I did it. Anyway, if anyone has any experience to share about making it through change, I would sure like to hear it! Thanks for letting me ramble. Love, Jenn ~ a little less confused today!
  4. jennanlpn

    Greetings Missourians/lets get to know each other

    Nice to meet you Jaimee! Congrats on graduation! My husband lived in CA for several years. He has said a time or 2 that he wasn't in the right tax bracket to make it in CA long term. I am glad he moved back or I never would have met him! Wages may be less here, but the cost of living is also less. I think it probably evens out. Tho wouldn't it be nice to make CA wages here with a lesser cost of living? That would be great! Best wishes on your move and your horse farm! Love, Jennifer
  5. jennanlpn

    Job hunting.....References Question.......

    My employment for all places would be verifiable through the company HR, companies are still intact, and I am sure based on file info they would all list me for re-hire. I was mostly trying to track down previous immediate supervisors. One thing I did think of is that I could contact the parents of one of the MR/DD clients I worked with....but still that isn't actually an employer. Character/positive references, I have. Personal job ones, lacking. And you are right, instructors still won't be the same as previous supervisors. I don't have any volunteer history. Susanjean, what kind of volunteer work did you do? I have a friend who is a job development specialist...she is going to call the 2 previous companies tomorrow to check refs on me and see what they say. I just want to be as prepared as possible and have my ducks in a row before I put myself out there. I don't like this part of job hunting. One thing I have learned is to keep better track of dates, salary, ect. I can't remember much specifics. From now on I am keeping a record! Thanks a bunch for the feedback. Love, Jenn
  6. jennanlpn

    Difficult questions from job interview

    I am starting to think about getting prepared for interviews. I think preparing for an interview is a lot like preparing for the NCLEX.....go over as many potential questions as possible! :rotfl: When I did the LPN, one of the required classes was a "job hunting" class. I dragged out the book from the class, it has interview prep questions. I think I will probably search the net too for more questions, so I can think about how I would answer them. I have a hard time thinking "on the spot" when asked things like you were asked! Hopefully I can go over potential questions and be prepared! Best wishes! Love, Jenn
  7. I am seriously lacking on references. I haven't worked since 2002, and I haven't worked as a nurse yet. I haven't been able to track down anyone from my previous jobs to use as references. I was thinking of emailing 2 of my nursing school instructors, the main 2 that I know are still there. I graduated in 2003, an A student, emailed with them a few times after the baby I was pregnant with at graduation was born. That is about the closet thing I have. Are nursing instructors usually willing to be a reference? I feel very discouraged right now. Any ideas? If I email the instructors and they say no, should I delete "references upon request" from my resume and pray no one asks? Hire a PI to track down the people I can't find so I can use them as refs? :rotfl: Help!
  8. jennanlpn

    Online class VS Traditional class?

    I will have to watch out for the clock thing! :chuckle I just called the instructor and told her I want in the online class. I figure absolute worst case scenario, I could always drop and take it later F2F. I am not planning to do the RN until fall of 06' and I only have a total of 4 pre-entry classes to do, so time is on my side. I am sure I will do great tho. Probably will end up liking it and doing all 4 pre-entry classes online! LOL :rotfl: I am so excited to get back to school! Thank you all for your feedback! I really really appreciate it! Love, Jenn
  9. jennanlpn

    Online class VS Traditional class?

    Thank you very much! Yes, it did help. :) I think I am just going to go for it and give it a shot. Thanks! Love, Jenn
  10. jennanlpn

    Any nursing tatoo's?

    I have a blue crab on my left inner ankle...I'm a Cancer, fav color blue. When I was in LPN school, I was going to get a flaming heart with a stethescope entwined around it. I had a baby instead (LOL) and decided to hold off. I may still go for it once I get my RN. Not sure where I will put it tho! Love, Jenn
  11. I am working on my pre-entry courses to get into an RN program. I trying to decide wether to try an online class VS two evenings a week (6p - 8:55p). English 1 is what I will be taking, summer semester, 8 weeks. The instructor required a phone chat with me before she would grant permission into her class. I am an A student, love deadlines and working under pressure, have a reliable pc/server/printer and good pc skills, am a self starter, and have a strong background in english, so she said if I want to do it online, I can. I decided I had better think about it a bit more to make sure. One thing that concerns me is that she said the online classes are 5 - 10 times harder than face 2 face. She also said that even tho she talks to potential students on the phone to make sure they know what they are getting into, she still has about half drop or fail. I do have 3 children, tho I have a very supportive husband and family, so I am not worried that I won't have time. My mind set is that failure is not an option. I wanted to hear from others who have done online classes, please give me the low-down. :rotfl: . My original plan was/is to try the online classes while working on my pre-entry, then do the RN course at the college, then if it all worked out, do online classes toward a BSN. I look forward to hearing your experiences! Love, Jenn
  12. jennanlpn

    moving to Missouri again.

    Hello and welcome! Personally, I am an LPN (tho haven't worked as one, had a baby and stayed home ) and I have recently decided to go back to my original goal to become an RN. It has taken me some time to decide this is what I want to do. When I sit down and think, RN is the way to go for me. Best wishes to you on what you decide is best for you and on your move! Love, Jenn
  13. jennanlpn

    I am 51 y/o, is it too late? (need honesty)

    I agree with what everyone has said so far. My opinion is...go for it! Love, Jenn
  14. jennanlpn

    Study skills and study tips needed

    Hi! I can relate! Here are some things I used that worked for me. I used index cards to write down small things I needed to memorize, like dosage equations, conversions, ect. For bones and things of that sort to memorize, I found a website and printed out pictures and then had people quiz me over them. For test material, I made quizzes for myself and then narrowed the info down so I could re-quiz myself and concentrate my study efforts on what I didn't know. I made audio tapes of myself reading the things that the quizzes helped narrow down to the things I needed to work on most and I listened to them and talked along with them while driving to and from school and also at home. I memorized some things as a song...singing that "1 gram = 15 grains = 1000 mg...one kg = 2.2lbs = 1000 grams" worked really well for that type of stuff for me. I used my own made up acronyms and ones that were already known to help me remember things. That is all I can remember right now. I think the main thing, like others said, is to find out how you learn best. If I remember right, during the first week of school for us the instructors had us take some type of quiz to help us see how we learned best. Oh, they also did a test the first day about reading directions ....that crazy test that right there in the directions says clearly to read the entire test through before proceeding. I failed that one! The test had funny things to do....write your name with a circle around it, stand up and flap your arms like a chicken. Had I bothered to read the directions and read the entire test through before proceeding, the last thing on the test said something to the effect of 'now that you have read through the test, turn it over, put your pencil down, and watch how many people didn't read the directions'. :) LOL It was definitely a lesson learned...the hard way! Best wishes to you!
  15. I am praying the answer is yes! Background....I was pregnant at LPN graduation, so I have been an LPN for 2 years but haven't worked as one yet. I am going to go back to school to become an RN, and am thinking about working as an LPN part-time to gain some confidence, experience and work on skills. Before I graduated (before I was pregnant) I felt fairly confident about graduating and getting a job. Right now it is just plain scary. I feel like I have mush brain from being 2 years out of school and never having worked. I was an A student, so I pray that I know more than I think and that it will all come back to me. And I pray that once I go on for the RN schooling, through school and clinicals, my confidence will be built back up. I think I just need to know I am not alone feeling this way.
  16. You have all given me a lot to think about. :)