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Hey! I was just curious why some of you didn't go into another "helping" profession such as human services, social work...etc. I know there are a thousand threads on why you chose nursing but I am... Read More

  1. by   RN4NICU
    I wasn't really looking for a "helping profession" when I chose nursing. I was looking for the adrenaline rush. That's why I never stray too far away from critical care. Really I could care less about therapeutic communication, family dynamics and all that, I want to fix stuff RIGHT NOW. I like codes, high risk deliveries, fresh open-hearts, that kind of thing.That's probably the best thing about nursing - it fits a lot of different personality types. The flexibility helps to offset the downsides and fends of burnout. I get the feeling that I would have burned out a long time ago as a med/surg or LTC nurse. It just doesn't suit my personality. It works the other way for some as well.
  2. by   TexasPoodleMix
    I have a background in psych/counseling and didn't enjoy the field. I found it too slow paced, redundant, rigid, and boring. Few opportunities and low pay unless you have been practicing for 90 years. I didn't care for the "culture" of the field , either.
  3. by   TexasPoodleMix
    Quote from totallytheresa
    we can try to guide them and hope they will do something to fix themselves, which of course we have absolutely no control over. This is something more real, where we can see results of our helping then
    Right on, there. I don't like feeling as though I am responsible for someone elses choices and happiness.
  4. by   PennyLane
    I wanted to be in a science-based profession. No other "helping professions" appeal to me AT ALL. I loooooove science and learning how the body works, have always been fascinated by medicine, and really love being in a hospital environment. I like fast-paced work and challenges.
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  5. by   Medic2RN
    RN4NICU - I feel the same way you do...
    I'm a nursing student and thought the ER was the only place I'd probably fit it - thanks, perhaps I'll check out the ICU also. This place is an excellent site to learn, especially when you're learning the ropes!
  6. by   Chevelle
    Thank you all for your posts to my question. It helps to reinforce what I kind of knew but was not admitting to myself. When I applied to the LPN program I knew it was what I wanted yet now that I am in-all of sudden all these other professions sound so wonderful even though I know they are not what I want. Once again, my cold feet are setting in. Cold feet that I won't like it, won't make it and the biggest one is leaving my daughter 5 days a week when I have never left her once in this past year.

    Thanks again for helping me realize that LPN is what I really want and need right now!!!!
  7. by   Freeda
    Well, as a person considering leaving social/homan service work, I even worked for CASA at one point, quite frankly, the pay sucks. I have worked almost every arena of social service work. Also alot of red tape. You begin to wonder after a while if you are nothing but a broke paper work pusher. Sadly, in my career, I have encountered a few RN's who have left to join the ranks of social service workers, and they always leave due to boredom and low pay. You just can't pay your bills with it. I have thought about being a teacher but, wow. That's like worse than nursing or social work ever thought about being!
  8. by   jemb
    [QUOTE=lizz]Quite frankly ... money and job security.


    Same here. I was having to work two jobs to make ends meet when I was a social worker. I kept looking for a better paying job, but for every sw/counselling job vacancy I found, I saw about 50 nursing jobs advertised. I finally decided that the logical thing was to become a nurse.