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  1. i am new to this site & am currently considering going to school to be an LPN then eventually an RN. I am 34 yrs old now, so a little nervous to be going back to school. I am looking to go to school full-time days & work @ night. If anyone has experienced this can u please give me your thoughts on this. Thanks!!
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    Welcome! I went to LPN school when I was 40 and a good majority of fellow students were your age so don't worry about fitting in. I also found that my study habits are way better than when I was young and needed a social life. Most of us worked through LPN school, you just have to stay on top of your school work. Best to you, Jules
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    Hi, staceyangel!

    I did this when I went back to get my BSN. I worked full time night shift until my very last two quarters when I had to drop back to part time nights because of all the school work that was required. However, the good thing was that when I didn't have school work demands I could call my manager and tell her I was available to work and I was put on the schedule immediately. I worked on a stepdown unit at the time. I also volunteered to work all weekends which they also loved. I had a very agreeable RN partner and between the two of us we worked out a night shift schedule that made both of us happy (she had every Friday, Saturday and Sunday off, of course!) The nice thing about working nights is that you can choose courses from the day or evening list of classes. If you think that driving while just getting off work might be a problem, take the bus to your classes. I went to an urban university and often took the bus. It dropped me off in front of the building I needed to go to and I didn't have to go through the hassle of finding a parking space.

    Welcome to allnurses!
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    Hi there. I am starting RN school in a week and I am 34. It's not late... you know the old expression... better LATE then NEVER!!

    Good luck!!! Epona
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    I just finished my first semester and I am 33. 34 is young, we have all ages in my program. In fact I think it's a great age because I have a lot of life experience which in nursing REALLY helps.

    I'm married with 2 kids (that I homeschool) and I work part time at the hospital. My husband is also a student and works full time. It just takes a lot of time management and not getting behind. We do fine, you can too!