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Hi everyone. Please respond and offer feedback on whether you are ashamed of or embarrassed about being a nurse; becoming a nurse; or considering nursing as a career. If you are ashamed or... Read More

  1. by   amyrae76
    It seem to me that being a nurse should make a person proud, not just for all the obvious reasons, but also because of the growing shortage of nurses. Nurses are the few and the mighty!
  2. by   suetje
    Yup,me too. Really happy to have chosen this profession. After almost 20 years at one institution (in the ICU!) I keep coming back to work, on my weekends off from the corporate job! Why? Because it is so refreshing to have patients and their families say," Thanks so much for your care." I tell them, "If I was sick, I would wish for the same care I am giving you." I hope that I get that lucky. We need to encourage others to join this very wonderful profession. Yes, we clean up ppop. But we also look at the 'big picture' and evaluate, assess and initiate care that would be lacking if we were not there. And to think that my parents pushed me into this profession. It is great. Thank God for Johnson and Johnson who have taken a public stand to speak up for us!!!
  3. by   iluvsnoopy
    ashamed- hell no! getting my nursing degree has been my biggest accomplishment...
  4. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Originally posted by bunky
    I am proud to be a nurse. I don't always feel good about the job due to short staffing but when people ask me what I do, I am proud to say I am an RN.
    Same here.
  5. by   Jayne LPN
    I am proud to be a nurse.........always am, and always will be.
  6. by   BeeStrong
    I agree with Traveler; every survey of professions I have ever seen ranks Nursing up at the top as far as respect; I have worked all over the world and can tell you that in some countries nurses are regarded as less than waitresses (who also deserve respect). We are among the highest paid professionals in the world and in great demand, I have always been proud of being a nurse and cannot imagine why anyone would be ashamed of our profession. Perhaps ashamed of some others behaviors but never of the profession itself. To me it is the highest calling, we actually DO what others only talk about or wish they could do. I am grateful for every day that I can still get myself to work and do my best for all my patients. Absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

    Bee Strong
  7. by   altomga

    I get to help people on a daily basis; never do the samething..every pt is different even with the same diagnosis....

    PROUD...VERY PROUD!!! Would not do anything else!
  8. by   Agnus
    Proud. Never doubted for one second that the vast majority here would respond this way.

    Why because we are FREE to leave if it shames us. Human nature is such that as long as we have that freedom we will leave if it shames us.

    That said we maintain the right to gripe. BECAUSE GRIPING MEANS WE CARE. We have NOT BECOME APATHETIC. Not speaking out about the negatives would be irresponsible.
  9. by   KimberlyJo
    I am 19 yrs old and am thinking about becoming a nurse. My question is, what is there to be ashamed of? It seems to me that nursing and medicine are critical fields in which honorable work is done. Nurses help people. From my perspective, they do more to help in one day than many business people do in a month of work! I could never be a business person for the ruthless and (in my opinion) unnecessary work they do sometimes. Nursing embarrassing? CEO of Enron, now that's embarassing.
  10. by   mattsmom81
    Total honesty here: I feel some shame that we as a group have not been more unified and proactive. Other than select areas of the country, we are seen as a largely weak and nonpowerful group, easily manipulated and controlled. This concerns me.

    I have taken many risks to speak out and attempt to better things, to organize in my area,( to my own detriment),so I do not feel personal shame. I would like to be personally associated with a stronger group...such as a unionized group of nurses; this type of activisim is necessary for our profession, IMO, and I proudly follow my peers in NewYork, California and other areas...they have my full respect and are examples of what nurses should be, IMO.
  11. by   susanna
    In truth, I am a little bit ashamed. I know nurses who seem to bash doctors a lot and pick on and be proud of doctors' shortcomings and mistakes and be proud when they're right and a doctor is wrong. It seems like they're, deep down, really jealous.

    It seems like nurses are a group that is quick to bash anyone that might be rising any higher than they are. Its like, "You try to feel any higher than me and we'll come after you and kill you, pull you down because don't you dare." And, that nurses see their work as somehow more glorious and more self-sacrificing then other peoples' professions. Maybe I am wrong and I only get this impression because they are undercompensated monetarily or don't get much respect at work and this is the reason for everything. I don't know yet: I'm not a nurse. But this stuff makes me feel ashamed that I'm studying to become one.
  12. by   tiroka03
    Yes, I am proud to be a nurse.

    What I am not proud of is how little we are paid for the work we do,and the risks we take. Risks as in infectious diseases, angry patients ect. Would any other job outside of medical not expect hazard pay for what we encounter daily?
  13. by   Audreyfay
    Am I ashamed to be a nurse? I have two words: HECK NO!