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Hi everyone! Is anyone else here totally changing careers to go to nursing school? I guess I'm looking for a little encouragement that it's OK for me to want to get out of the corporate/business... Read More

  1. by   tazzyjo
    I too have done a career change, and went from the Marketing/Advertising field into nursing. It was big jump and I am happy I did it. I'm six months away from finishing my program and can't wait to be nursing full-time.

    It's worth the leap, good luck!
  2. by   cna2lvn2rn

    I was a Senior Software Engineer in Silicon Valley for 20+ years. A merger with IBM ended that, many of the "seniors" from the mergins company were laid off. The economy closed the industry to me, after 20 years!

    Nursing seemed to be the obvious and most exciting choice for me. After years of typing into computers, Nursing seemed so much more "human" to me.

    I am 51 and will be taking my State Certification for CNA in February.

  3. by   MryRose
    It's nice to see so many people going back to school for Nursing.

    Nursing has been a dream of mine since 5th grade when I read books on Cherry Ames student Nurse! lol

    However, I come from a family that didn't value college education and was never encouraged to pursue my dream.

    I then had my family, became a single mom and raised my 2 children. After my youngest graduated form college, with his BS in Telecommincation Administration, I decided that it was finally Mom's turn to go!

    I've been remarried for 9 years now and my husband is fully supportive of my decision.... so at 44 I am busy getting my pre-req's out of the way so I can apply to Nursing School. ( Here you do have to get them finished prior to application.)

    The neat thing that I have found is that there are a great number of students my age who are doing the same thing. We are great studdy buddies and usually are all A or B students.

    I took a CNA course to experience that aspect of nursing and a medical math course to see if it was something I could hande. I loved both! I found that I just am energized with everything I have done and there is no stopping me now!

    Your lifetime is going to tick by anyway, you might as well live your dreams!

    Paint Drop Hugs! <---- the decorative artist in me does this hee hee
  4. by   luv2yoga
    I love what you posted: Your lifetime is going to tick by anyway, you might as well live your dreams!

    I'm really struggling with my decision. I'm in a boring but very secure, very easy (usually only 40 hrs a wk) and lucrative I.T. job. I would take a 60% pay cut to become a nurse. I am really wrestling with the money thing. I don't want to be the kind of person who puts money before personal fufillment but we're talking about a lot of bucks. We have been careful with our money but right now, my primary worry is affecting my kids. My kids go to an expensive private school and the tuition went up to over $20k for both of them this year ($1800 rise). I am willing to make lots of sacrifices for nursing but I don't want my kids to sacrifice. So here I am, trying to figure this out with my husband. He is supportive but it's hard not to worry. Part of me says just take the bucks and squirrel it away, retire at 55 (my co. has early retirement) and THEN do what I want. Problem is I'm only 42, that's a long time. I wish they would fire me!!! (god, did I just type that?) I just read Po Bronson's book - What Should I Do with My Life - great book, it's helped me think of what the important questions are.
    Anyone else out there wrestle with this?
  5. by   MryRose
    I truly believe that children flourish in homes where their parents are emotionally fulfilled. Not that monetary decisions should be taken lightly.

    Think of this perspective...... what if your now adult child confides in you that she really had wanted to pursue a Medical career, but chose to become a lawyer because of your sacrifice when she was a child. The money is wonderful but the "calling" has always been there for her.

    Would you have wanted your child to follow her dreams?

    I certainly feel that monetary security is a big responsibility of parenting that should be a large decision factor. I also feel that example is the best method to teach our children to excel and experience life to the fullest.

    It has taken me a very long time to come to this realization for myself. Oh if I could back up time and change some decisions....

    We can only move forward.... what I do today, will change my tomorrow.

    Paint Drop Hugs!
  6. by   NicoleNW

    I am also struggling with my decision as well. I am currently working in IT and very unhappy. I can't stand being chained to my desk all day and starring at my computer. I am also tired of playing all the political games in the corporate world. Sometimes I wish the company would just lay me off!! I graduated 2 1/2 years ago with a B.B.A. in MIS, and I am now looking to change careers to nursing. I would also take a huge pay cut, but my happiness is more important than money. I started realizing that waking up in the morning with a pit in my stomach isn't worth it anymore. I struggle b/c I've heard awful stories of how nursing can be so stressful and such an unappreciated job. Then, I hear how flexible and self-fulfilling nursing can be. So, I definitely want to make the right decision with pursuing a nursing career. I am 25 years old, and I started taking some of the pre-reqs this semester. I am thinking of pursuing an ADN vs. BSN b/c I already have a four year degree. Anyways, it's definitely a big decision and you have to do what is in your heart. I need to check out that book that you suggested. Good Luck with everything!
  7. by   greycam
    I am!! I have a BA in Psychology, an MS in Computer Science, and have recently decided on a career change - right now Nursing looks like it fits my goals and aspirations.

    Its scary, but reading these posts makes me realize im not alone! What would you experienced folks out there recommend - should I sign up for a 2 yr program, then get a job where I can work towards my Masters? I need to bring some $$ into the household -


    P.S - Nicole, I just read your post - we sound like we are in the same boat!!! I am SO tired of the corporate culture, and the realization that what I do doesnt really matter one way or another...

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  8. by   zicovico
    In the midst of the recent unemployment crisis in the country, I am surprised that nurses are still getting the jobs. As a matter of fact, the demand for nurses far out-weighed the supply.

    I am presently working as an Accountant and thinking seriously about a second career in Nursing. I presently have a BBA in Accounting, and about to complete my MBA.

    It could be really boring staring at the computer box on a daily basis. I think being a nurse is a rewarding career because one is able to have impact in people's lives.

    Does anyone know the first major step to take?
  9. by   piper_for_hire
    Sure - find out which pre-reqs you are missing and take them as soon as you can. Most nursing programs won't consider you until you have them, or you can get a provisional acceptance provided that you complete them before your start date. As an accounting major, you're probably missing about 5 or 6 of the pre-reqs.

  10. by   sweetpotato
    I am so happy that I have found others who share some of the same issues with me. I have a BSBA in Accounting and I work for the government. I tried corporate America and hated it and I hate working for the goverment. I have always cared for people and I want a job that has meaning to me. I do not care anything about the work I do. Most of the time I do nothing. I want to be active and I want to help others. I want to come to work even if I won a million dollars. I am also considering nursing.
  11. by   zicovico
    First of all, I just like to tell you that I love your name 'sweet potato.'

    I think we have a lot more in common. I hate the corporate world as well. I have been working as an Accountant for the past 5yrs. I am getting tired of all the 'winnie lillies' of that career. The standard seems to be very high to attain and climbing the corporate ladder looks almost impossible to achieve.

    I also have passion for people. I am a people person and felt very strongly that I am wasting my potential by remaining as an Accountant. I am very optimistic that a change of career to Nursing would provide the answer.

    Sweetpotato, thanks for responding to my posting.

    A Chicagoan!!!!!!!!!
  12. by   orrnlori
    This thread is so interesting. I was a banker for over 20 years. Went back to school and got my ADN in 1998 because it was something I always wanted to do.

    I've worked at a large university hospital since I graduated. I'm now 48 and dead on my feet. I long for the days of sitting behind that desk in that soft chair. I don't want to take anything away from anyone here. Everyone must follow their hearts. I've been so disappointed by the profession yet exhilerated at the same time to be doing something so important and being in the most trusted field in America. But it is hard and underappreciated work. For those thinking about it, think about it hard. You may be wonderfully happy, you may find after years of difficult classes then awful shift work, that you made the wrong decision. For those thinking about management, please, work the floor first. You can't possibly be a good manager to your nurses unless you've walked in their shoes first. I wish everyone the best and I hope your dreams are fulfilled.
  13. by   junior_felix
    i'm a student from brazil and i'm at the same situation of you!in few words i do belive we've done the best thing when we choose nursing. bye.
    originally posted by amyrae76
    hi everyone!

    is anyone else here totally changing careers to go to nursing school? i guess i'm looking for a little encouragement that it's ok for me to want to get out of the corporate/business world that i hate and go into nursing!

    what are your thoughts and reasons? here's a little about me -- i have a degree in advertising and i've been in the business world for almost 5 years now. i just have no interest in business-related things, and i have no desire to climb the proverbial corporate ladder. to me, nursing seems like something totally different from that. i can't say i've had a passion for it my whole life, like some people can. it only just occurred to me about 6 months ago. but i just want something different -- i hate sitting at a computer and being bored out of my mind for 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week!!

    anyone else in a similar situation?

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