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I have been a nurse for 4 years, different settings such as telemetry (2 years), ER (3 months), stepdown (6 months) , telemetry float (6 month), ICU staff (1 year), ICU float (3 months)...I know... Read More

  1. by   beckster_01
    Just because we are INTJ's does NOT mean that we make bad/unhappy bedside nurses. I definitely thrive in the ICU. Even though I am an introvert, I still like people. I just can't give give give all of the time. In the ICU I like being able to micromanage my two patients-- my "projects" if you will. I like that I can set goals for the day and accomplish them. I like that I can be completely autonomous, requiring help only for turns, or if my patient is crumping. I like that I can gather data- vital signs, assessment data, how the patient looks/feels etc., and I can use that data to predict an outcome and stop something bad before it even happens.

    All that being said, after one year I am starting to look for that "next best thing." I've been waiting to get to this point before taking my CCRN, so that's next on the list. But I have also been looking into being a CRNA. I feel that being a CRNA would take all of my favorite parts about being an ICU nurse, and jack up the responsibility, autonomy, and hopefully excitement. What scares me is that once I am a CRNA I would be locked into a very narrow field. At least as an RN my options will always be wide open. I can have drastic career changes every couple years. If there are ANY CRNA's reading this, particularly those with a INTJ personality type, will I get bored performing the same set of tasks every day?? And how easy is it to switch specialties?
  2. by   ianguitarist
    You know, I am an intj, look at doctor specialties. That should help a lot. Honestly, I don't see the difference. We are going to analyze the hell out of it, might as well be thinking about the next step up the chain.
  3. by   Lacunae
    I never knew about this personality type until in 2012. I was tested at school. My personality test result turned out to be an INTJ type. Knowing my personality type help me understand my strengths and weaknesses. Eventually, I have been able to deal with my boredom, especially in something that vex me. I'm also good working with people. I find many people intrigue by my personality; others find me a heartless person. The educated ones appear to be the least judgmental. In short, I enjoy solitary more than anything else.

    BTW., I have been working in my pre-nursing courses. Even though I'm not guaranteed to be in an RN program, I have been dreaming to be a nurse anesthesiology.
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  4. by   nocturnalcreature1
    Try informatics. Very low on the social scale and high on the technical end. OR would also be a good choice since your working with a small group of people in a structured environment.
  5. by   medg
    Hi I am also an intj. Reading your post was like looking at a mirror. I feel exactly the way you do & also do creative things in my free time. I am also constantly redecorating my room. I am actually debating whether i should get out and go into a science or tech field. Why did you get out the tech field and what is it like working in it day to day?
  6. by   medg
    I have a question for all the intj nurses - why do we seem to end up as nurses instead of fields that are more aligned with our interests, personality & natural strengths. I noticed a majority of us are introverted & seem to have interests in science, technology and law?
  7. by   Grace135
    I am a student nurse in Australia, Always been really interested in the ER. before coming into nursing I was a volunteer in an ambulance service providing first aid to the public. Loved it so much. I am also an INTJ and since learning this fact, daily life and my own education has been a lot easier for me. I like working with people. I love to solve problems and analyze things, which is why I think I would like going into a patients room or having a patient present to me with a complex problem to solve and I love that. I love the adrenaline of emergency care. The snap decision making, the variety and bring order to chaos are really appealing to me. One day in the far future I hope to go into emergency medicine and have the ability to order, preform and interpret diagnostic tests to help solve patients problems. I also would not mind going into cardiac care or cardiology because I have always found the heart and circulatory system to be a wonderfully simple and yet complex and brilliant piece of biological engineering with a simple and absolutely essential job. There are three things I look for in a job, the ability to help people, the ability to solve complex problems in order to better the lives of others and the ability too constantly develop my skills and body of knowledge. I am passionate about learning, health and helping others. I think if you really work at it, an INTJ can develop their other functions to become a truly excellent nurse in any specialty as their is always that ability to learn and master any skill they set their minds to. However since beginning nursing school I've herd the following two things from everyone I've met and gotten to know; "you would make a good educator" and "you would make a good doctor" which I find very perplexing.
  8. by   medg
    Hi black RN did you ever find a solution to your problem? How are things going now? Let us know. Grace135, I am also an INTJ in nursing school & have received the same comments from my supervisors & have considered applying to medical school. I do enjoy helping & teaching others & wouldnt mind becoming a nurse educator. Good luck to all INTJ nurses, we are a rare type & it's not always easy navigating the perfect career path for us.
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  9. by   anewsns
    Funny was just looking at intjforum today and enjoy learning about mbti. (I'm not an intj though.) Im also curious to find out what happened here.