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Bored of Job But Stuck With Job Contract

I'm 24 and I'm pretty indecisive. I also have trouble staying still. I live at home for reference and have no kids. 

I've been a nurse in an oncology med-surg/step down floor for a year and a half. I'm comfortable where I am at because I recently transitioned to dayshift which I prefer more over night shift... but I've been dying to leave the unit out of boredom for a long time now.

When I first became an RN I wanted ICU, but was not offered a job when I interviewed as a new grad. So I went for oncology.

My original plan has always been ICU. However, I'm under a contract at my hospital for FOUR years and they also have this stupid agreement that whatever unit you work on, you have to stay on for a full YEAR. So I waited my year in oncology, applied for ICU AGAIN.. prayed, studied, prepared, and was declined an offer.

I applied for NICU - was accepted, and I stupidly declined it because I was convinced I would have another shot at the ICU after some networking. I reapplied again and was declined once again LOL.

I've been rejected from the ICU about 3 times now at my current hospital. I've given up at applying at my hospital and I'm now trying to apply at other hospitals that fall under my four year contract, but that also is hard to find. 

I regret rejecting the NICU offer and it's too late to go back. The manager won't even respond back to me.

I also feel really down because I have been offered positions at other hospitals in my area for Labor & delivery and ICU but I rejected because I'm technically under a contract where I am at right now and those hospitals also had 3 yr contracts.

I'm at a loss right now and need advice. I'm not happy where I'm at right now at all.

I want change but I'm also scared of messing up my contract with the hospital. It's very hard to figure out How much I even owe for my contract as no one emails me back and it's hard to call who is in charge. I don't know what to do.

Recently I have been looking up local travel nurse contracts that seem to pay pretty well.. but I'm very scared of leaving my staff RN oncology job and doing these travel assignments. Most of the ones I find are also night shift. I'm not sure if that would be worth it. Does anyone have advice about  these travel assignments? I would like to start local if I did that.

I also don't know if I should obtain my oncology certification which I would be able to test for in about 4 months when I make my 2 years on my oncology floor.

I don't know what to do or How to go about things. Can anyone give me advice?

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Take a copy of your contract to an employment attorney and pay them to explain your obligations and options.  

Good luck. 

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So what happens if you leave before 4 years?  Did you get a sign-on bonus that you need to repay?



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FiremedicMike said:

So what happens if you leave before 4 years?  Did you get a sign-on bonus that you need to repay?



Exactly why she needs to review the terms of the contract.

Sweetpea04 said:

applied for ICU AGAIN.. prayed, studied, prepared, and was declined an offer.

What did you do to prepare for reapplying to the ICU? 

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I wonder if there's some reason behind the scenes you can't break into ICU at your current place. Either way, like has been mentioned, at least find out what you're really obligated to do and then you'll know your options. It's disturbing no one at your current hospital will hardly even talk to you or answer any questions. I'd want to move on from a place like that if possible. Also careful about rejecting local jobs too many times, apply for them when you're truly ready to accept whatever consequences there are from leaving your contract! If you really want ICU, I wouldn't get into a different position if it's not exactly what you want. Go for what you really want!

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