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Blogs are the latest internet craze. My problem is that I am not sure what a blog might be. Is this site a blog? Are the threads and post here blogs? If these post are not blogs where can I find a nurse blog site? How would one sign up to do a blog? Guess I just want someone to explain it all to me.:rolleyes:

Is having a "blog" prestigious? If so, how do I get one? Do I want to have one???? :chuckle

Blog is short for web-log. It's an online journal.

Brian, ASN, RN

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yes, blogs are the latest craze :) blogs are generally personal journals, or personal website where a person can post whatever they want, then visitors can post feedback etc...

we have an option for our allnurses premium members to have their own blog or journal, here is an index of the blogs: https://allnurses.com/forums/journal.php

this site, is more of an online community of 77,000+ nurses/members who collaborate and discuss nursing focused topics.

hope that helps.

Brian, ASN, RN

Specializes in CCU, Geriatrics, Critical Care, Tele. Has 27 years experience.

The word 'blog' is a shortened version of 'web blog'. A 'web log' just means a log or diary-type entry on the web. So if you were away travelling on a round the world trip you might post a diary on a website so your friends and family could keep up to date with your progress. On this online diary, or 'web blog' you might also post photos for your friends and family to view.

And so - the BLOG was born. And it's really nothing more than that - a collection of thoughts and information from one individual to be read and seen by others.

**So What Makes A Blog Different To A Website?

A blog is more immediate and informal. A blog doesn't have a homepage as such - it just has blog entries or 'posts'. The author or 'blogger' makes regular posts into the blog that are archived as new ones are added.

For more information, check this site out. Hope that helps!



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How do I post on here?? I have a problem that I would like to ask other nurses for advice on...Help :)

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