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At the moment we have an Australian forum - would you like a seperate thread or have an incorporated into an ANZAC type thread - l think becaause we are btoh small countries with in many ways... Read More

  1. by   Farkinott
    Although I am only new to the forums I think the Kiwis should be included. Some of the nicest folk I have met are New Zealanders! I like the ANZAC idea, as long as we can forge a fraternal/sororal relationship with the proviso that it is still ok to "take the piss" where necessary! If the term ANZAC is used then we must be reminded to honour those after whom the term was coined.
  2. by   gwenith
    Welcome to a fellow QLD'er!!!!!

    Partly the reason I did not got with ANZAC was that I wanted the forum "Google" friendly. I WANT people to be able to find us and Australasian would be more likely to be typed in than ANZAC. Sorry bit of pragmatism there.
  3. by   warlockRN
    I think that is a fantastic idea for Oz and NZ to unite. We have done it before!
  4. by   gwenith

    Welcome to the board look around and browse!!

    There are quite a few West Australians on the bulletin board. Sandgroper Bullettproofbarb to name only two.
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  5. by   pmchap
    Include away - I have worked in both NZ and Australi a- so lets all be one happy family...
  6. by   gwenith

    Welcome to the Board - there is plenty to read and participate in. Lots of other Aussies and NZ er's coming and going as well.

    The Break room section is for registered members and is accessable via the drop down menu on the forum jump.
  7. by   jayna
    I voted for oceania.

    Coming from the south pacific . Having join the BB for 3 years. I think am the minority here.
  8. by   Token Male
    I'm for it but let us wait till the Wallabies wipe the All Blacks out in the RUGBY.
  9. by   gwenith

    Hey! go over to the Current events forum I have been trying to educate the Americans about Rugby!!
  10. by   jayna
    Originally posted by Token Male
    I'm for it but let us wait till the Wallabies wipe the All Blacks out in the RUGBY.

    Woo wooo. Some one is talking

    I love rugby, love watching it, but I dont have a favourite team.

    Living in NZ dont make me the ALL Blacks supporter. Having loads of Aussie friends dont even make me a good supporter....

    But Token Male. Just be careful with the all blacks cos who won the Blendisole (spelling) cup and the Tri nation cup.
  11. by   ceridwyn
    Aussie rules, rules.

    Mum came from Rugby in England where this game began. Most of the people there are not keen on this game at all.

    It all began apparently when some little selfish boy grabbed the ball and ran like hell to hide from the other kids. Keep it north pleassseee. When does the ball actually get kicked by the foot. Please explain? C
  12. by   Jhen
    Hi! I would like to ask for your advice with regard to nuring uniforms. I'm bound to Auckland through an agency. I was informed to bring all white nurses uniforms because some hospitals offers uniforms some don't. I was wondering on what type of uniform should I bring and if its okay to wear white rubber shoes rather than leather shoes? Is it okay to wear white scrub suit? What is the usaul type of white uniforms there? Thank you very much! I really would appreciate any comments and suggestions!! Thanks!
  13. by   nyapa
    Quote from Tookie
    My husband suggested Oceania - as this would incorporate both Aus and NZ as well as the outlyig areas and the south pacific areas - l would apprecaite you opinions ion these ideas as well as any other sugggestiosn Brian is happy if we come up wit a name for ourselves - please make your comments known - and any alternatives are most welcome
    I also thought that Oceania should be added someone else said, us Down Under should stick together