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  1. Is my agency the only one who has been SUPER slow in the last few months? I can probably count on both hands the number of times I've been called to go to a shift! My manager says it will pick up after Easter, but in the meantime, I'm going stir-crazy! Anyone else in the same boat?

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  3. by   ceridwyn
    If in Victoria, times are tough, work has slowed right down, even aged care who have taken on many overseas nurses where much of the work was, are now fully staffed.

    Australia was the place to be!!! over the last 2-3 years as many other countries closed their doors to nurses, agencies are plentiful supplying money through loans, so many nurses have come here and the agencies continue to say Australia is the place to be!!! It seems many employers are taking on younger less experienced nurses than experienced in many areas as they are cheaper and these are plentiful at this time from overseas and local, though many I heard they are not getting any work and returning home and locals are working the agencies - also hence, not as much work.

    Also new grads came onboard at the start of the year in the acute sector and that always slows things down in agency for the start of the year. Good luck, hope it does pick up for you.
  4. by   K+MgSO4
    we have about 30 unplaced nurses that went through last years grad program so they are given priority for shifts.
  5. by   MuppetAus
    I'm really surprised at your comments. Reginal health service are screaming out for nurses. They are desparate. Have you considered trying outside big cities?
  6. by   SarahRN1987
    I wouldn't mind going regional. But my fiance just got a new job here in the city so it is a bad time for us to move. Might happen eventually though, you never know!

    Thanks for your other comments...I figured the new grads would have something to do with the quiet time I'm having Just stinks because I am in a contract with my agency so I can't really look for anything permanent until November! So I'm hoping they are right and things start to pick up again after the Easter holidays are all done.
  7. by   MuppetAus
    SarahRN you could try contacting individual healthservice and going on their casual lists. I'm not to sure of your agreement with the agency but I do know girls who have two agencies that they use.

    I undestand what your saying about being unable to move and I know this suggestion is extreme, but the really really rural health services offer short term accommodation. ie a night or two. So if you were really desparate you could do a late then early shift staying overnight there.

    Work will pick up sadly it is one of those things that just seem to come in waves.
  8. by   j8win
    There are lots of shifts for Rn available in Sydney. Im a night RN, and if one of the AM Rn ring in sick the day before her shift. We always have trouble getting a replacement. Most of the time i can't get any..
  9. by   britgirl
    im thinking of moving from australia from usa is it best to go with an agency or get a hospital to sponsor me
    thanks in advance
  10. by   bulletproofbarb
    even casuals in WA are being cancelled, like me. i have a second job though so no big deal as i have been doing extra in that job. i could not rely on a non permanent job. i dont think agency are getting any work at all here, except probably nursing homes.

    come winter it will pick up again. not far off now.
  11. by   britgirl
    thanks for the info bulletproofbarb
    do many hospitals sponsor do you know
  12. by   lilly1980
    Hi All!

    I'm a US RN attempting to do some travel assignments in Melbourne. I've already secured my visa and nursing registration....just need to find a job

    1) has the census picked up and is there a current need for agency nurses?
    2) do any of you have an agency you recommend for travel assignments?

  13. by   britgirl
    did anyone get back to you
  14. by   lilly1980

    No, no one responded, but I found some agencies that were listed on another thread that I've contacted. And according to one of the agencies, there is plenty of work. So here's hoping!