Now im confuse to study in New Zealand, please help me.?

  1. I'm planning to enroll and study at Waiariki Institute of Technology in Rotoroa with a course of Graduate Diploma in Infection and Control, level 7 with a duration of 1 year.
    But lately, I'm confused with my consultant from if she's really telling me the truth. She told me that all i need is 3 months nursing experience here in our country and then i can study at Waiariki Institute of Technology for 1year, and after I graduate, I will just have to proceed with my 6 weeks training and I can be immediately become an RN there in New Zealand.

    However, my aunt who's presently living in New zealand told me that I still need to have 2 years working experience here in my country before i can work there as a nurse, because based on what happened to my cousin, she graduated in Waiariki last year with a course of Graduate Diploma in Infection and Control, level 3. And now she is working only as a caregiver and she said if she really wants to become a nurse, she needs to go back here in the Philippines and have a working experience of 2 years in the hospital.

    I want to know who is telling me the truth, so that I can make my decision and plan for my other options as early as possible. Hoping for your kind response. Thank you.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Suggest you check out the New Zealand Council for Nursing, this is what is stated on their website

    Council approved nursing courses[/h] Shortened nursing courses available in New Zealand are not Nursing Council approved and may not lead to registration. If you are unsure whether the course you are applying for is approved by the Council, or is a pathway to registration, please contact Council staff at

    Applying for registration as an internationally qualified nurse - Nursing Council NZ
  4. by   steppybay
    I have several friends who have gone thru various PH agenices and I can tell you without a doubt, many are very unreliable at best, don't like to tell the truth (but yea, profess to God that they are very faithful persons), will tell you anything to what you really want to heard, but can't deliver their promises.

    What I have suggested to my friends is to ask the agency manager or the bottom salesperson or "consultant", if they really have had successful clients, if you could kindly talk to them (provided they get permission) to ask them of their experiences.

    Of course, these "successful" people could be also employees of the agency, but ask them what facility they are at and where they got hired. There are ways to find out if that person really works at the mentioned facility by asking the operator or others inside the place.
  5. by   gRacie_307
    hi, I'm an RN here in New Zealand..... Honestly speaking, don't follow the immigration consultancy firm (I was one of their client before, even if it did take time to process the paper the wait is ok since when I came here I become an RN after my CAP @ Waiariki--- some Filipino nurses went thru this route but sad to say can't even find a job (they are not RN here--- ) and the amount you will spend to come here is not worth it & you are not sure of registration process (Nursing Council) later on.... The best way, gain the experience, pass the IELTS & apply NZ Nursing Council for you to become an RN here. I know some Filipinos who really regretted their decisions in coming here because of this false-lead program.
  6. by   Karladejs
    Hello! Im new here and i read this thread. So i just want to ask that in order to work as a nurse in NZ is that you need to have an xperience in PH for 2 years? Thank you..
  7. by   jenrak
    Unfortunately,yes. Just recently, the nursing council released a statement that starting March this year, all overseas nurses should have atleast 2 years experience to lodge an application. Before they made this amendment, overseas nurses could apply with atleast 450 hours hospital experience but because of certain issues they have to tighten the requirements. Better check the council's website for more info.
  8. by   ceridwyn
    If thinking of going via Australia because of Tasman agreement, because easier - criteria#, Australia too is about to have a consultation on assessment of overseas nurses also, because of issues, and New Zealand Nursing Council no doubt complaining of the unsatisfactory Australian criteria, and will follow this criteria of at least 2 years experience.

    #Education took place not in a Australian university standard and/or no experience in home country, let alone a foreign country - First year/graduate - when all the serious learning as a professional practitioner, Registered Nurse, actually takes place.
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  9. by   Raewynv
    As a nursing student in New Zealand, to become a registered nurse here you must do the 3 years that is required by the Nursing council. Some places will look at what you have done and what qualifications you may have and work out what actual courses you need to do.