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I am a new nurse graduate and like many others without a nursing job, up to a week ago. I continued on working with the non-medical in home care company that I worked with all through nursing school.... Read More

  1. by   Angel1964
    Yes, it is all in His timing. He has our destinations all planned out for us. You were meant to be a blessing to that couple and they also bless you in return. A very touching story. You just waited and he placed you. You have a job now in nursing.Awesome! God bless you!
  2. by   amygarside
    Great story. Thank you for sharing it with us. God truly moves in mysterious ways.
  3. by   Amyshy12
    Admittedly, my journey since earning my Nursing license this past April, has been disheartening, discouraging, and frustrating. Each position I have applied for, and believe me when I say there are quite a few of them, has been dismissed. I am an undesirable candidate for hire because I lack experience and I lack my BSN. However, I am a hard worker. I ALWAYS give 110%, I have very strong work ethics. Qualities that, unfortunately, do not stand out on paper it seems. Being that I haven't even had a single interview, I feel as though I'm not even being given a fair chance at all. After joining allnurses.com, I have came to realize that I am anything but alone in my journey. My story is like so many others' and this is a journey down a well beaten path. Contrary to my prior beliefs, there isn't anything wrong with me!! I believe in God more than anything and am ashamed that I had let myself become so discouraged the past couple of months. I know God has something great in store for me and I just need to continue to trust in Him, as I have done so often in the past. I receive daily devotionals in my email from crosswalk.com, Wisdom Hunters, and Proverbs 31 and it has been more than obvious that because of my circumstances lately, I have been losing my spiritual edge. I am working hard to regain that edge. This past Wednesday, I applied for FAFSA. Thursday I learned that I qualified and am applying for online courses to earn my BSN starting in January. In the meantime, I will continue to put out more applications. I will continue to trust in God, and to trust in the fact that He has something great in store, not only for myself but, for the countless others going through this same difficult journey. Thank you all for sharing your encouraging stories and for sharing your experiences with all of us. Never give up hope, never give up on God no matter how bad things may seem. He never gives up on us. Let go and let God!!!
  4. by   KMED333
    Wow, that is so amazing! God is good, thank you for sharing! It's humbling to know that God has HIS TIMING!
  5. by   Yownyown
    Amen to that! ii am a believer of Lord Jesus Christ and I totally agree with you,God has a plan for us and His timing is always right. GODbless you and congrats on the new position being an oncology nurse. (that was my dream job-to be an onco nurse)

    "God has perfect timing. Never early, never late. It takes a lot of patience and a lot of faith, but it's always worth the wait"
  6. by   cassmill
    Amen! Gods timing is Perfect!
  7. by   lumbarpain
    I too am now in that waning spiritual fog that catches us all when things are bad. Its so hard to pray, so hard to be connected to God, so hard to just function when you need that job and you know that you are a diligent hard worker with great ethics, but no one wants to give you that chance, that push to get you in there. I have had no success in getting a full time job since 2009!!!! The per diems, the temporary positions, the positions that just let you go because they have a right to??? Where is the quality of life for Nurses? If our quality of life is disrupted so brutaly how do we function to care for the population? Someone isnt seeing the whole picture here. Many nurses do not just GO INTO THIS PROFESSION because they want to make the money.....I have met only one in my 17 years as a nurse that said she is only in it for the money.....and I personally DONT FEEL THIS JOB SHOULD BE MONEY ORIENTED. Its patient oriented first, then compensation afterward. My opinion is that Nursing is far beyond what it should be, far beyond what nurses are supposed to be doing, we do too much paperwork and not enough hands on the patient and dealing with their and their families concerns/problems. God hasnt been too kind to me lately, sometimes I feel his hearing aide isnt turned on high enough for I have been struggling to determine if I should pack up and move in down by my brother because of the inevitablilty of not finding full time work here in NJ or just keep praying and depend on God to lead me. I dont think God wants you to just sit back and do nothing to help yourself, most evangelistic programs seem to geer their programs to LETTING GO AND LET GOD......I do feel that Letting go is a good thing for yourself in general, it relieves you of that initial tightness, that stress thats built up inside you, you have the ability to THINK clearly and focus....but then again something kicks in and says you cannot just not do anything to help yourself. So, I think God works with us synergistically but we have to open to suggestions from Him. When we are depressed and in great despair over anything, we can clam up so tightly we prevent his words from flowing into out minds. I feel like I am clammed up right now and I must get on track, otherwise I will shut down everything in my life. God keeps us focused. But sometimes its alot of work getting our own ears to listen to what he saying. I hope he has something planned for me also that releases me from this entangelment of worrying about getting a job soon. I pray every day.
  8. by   nervousnurse
    Wow, that is a wonderful story, and how wonderful that you got a position in Oncology. I have been struggling and struggling (and praying! and prayinggggg!!!!!) about whether to stay in nursing or not. God has helped me to realize that I want/need to go back to my previous job (best nursing job I've had thus far), and I am SO excited and thankful!
  9. by   MochaRN424
    Thank you for such a touching post..even though I know I am kind of late in finding it. My first position was on a Womens Surgical Oncology unit and I know exactly what you mean in regards to being a part of that patient and their families lives. I saw beautiful women who had so much to offer die from cancer but I also had the chance to see recovery.
    Yes God uses us in great ways...just being able to pray with a patient and seeing God move them from being sick to recovery is a blessing. Just as I was sitting here starting to feel sorry in how my life is going in regards to my nursing career ( I have not worked since 2010)...I am reminded that God is still in charge and I definitely needed to be reminded of this. Congratulations on the position...I hope things are going well for you. God Bless!!!

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