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On the lighter side of nursing issues: what do you all think is an appropriate and polite way to bring up a nurse's appearance (lots of jewellery, loooooong nails, unclean shoes, etc). Or do you all... Read More

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    Quote from CRNI-ICU20
    It's just scarey, isn't it???
    She looks like my old nursing instructor back in th 1970's.....I was gonna say the '70's but I was afraid you all would think 1870's!! ugh! first nursing instructor was Jean Thompson.....she taught all us fresh faced CNA's the art and science of proper bedpan placement....and it progressed from there! She wore the traditional cap with the navy blue stripe across....she also had a cape that covered her starched uniform...I swear, it was bullet proof it was sooooo stiff..
    her stockings were white with seams up the back...and perfectly straight...her shoes were shiny white....they looked like show room shoes....and they squeaked on tiled floors....her hair was greying, curled short, and very hair was out of fact, she never touched her hair....she never chewed gum, I don't think she even farted....EVER! I am convinced she wasn't really a real person....quite possibly a government experiment...or something! Because, people just cannot be THAT perfect....can they???
    I have to go drag my scrubs out of the dryer now...nitey nite....:spin:

    ROFL at the imagery! I don't know who the gal in the photo is, but she DOES look like someone I work with, right down to the pin on the lapel

    And like someone else here mentioned, she IS usually assumed to be the "Head Nurse"!