Leaving Residency Program?

  1. Hi there!

    I am a fairly new grad (graduated May 2017) and have been employed since on a general med-surg floor. I am a part of a year long new RN residency program, although I finished my preceptorship back in September. Here is my dilemma:

    I am getting married in May, and plan to move in with my fiance who currently lives 300 miles away. I have already found another job in the area he is at, but am sad to leave my current job. It has been a great experience, love my co-workers, and I am leaving on very good terms with high recommendations.

    However, if all goes as planned I will be leaving before I "complete" my year long residency program. Is this ok? I know it doesnt look good to stay for less than a year (it will be 10 months total) but life happens and I plan on sticking around the next place for a couple years. Thoughts?
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  3. by   elkpark
    "Life happens"? Did you not know you were planning a May wedding when you accepted the year commitment? You can't manage to stay an extra couple months to fulfill your obligation to your current employer? Two months isn't that long. What are the penalties if you leave the program early? Often, you have to pay back some amount of money. And, if you break the contract, you definitely won't be leaving "on very good terms with high recommendations." That's something that will continue to follow you through your career, at least over the short term.
  4. by   mmc51264
    if you are up front with HR, ask them what you can do to leave, what you have to repay, etc so you are "eligible for rehire) If you do this professionally, you should be fine. Stuff like this happens, just be up front with everything
  5. by   djmatte
    You stated it your-self. You have already found another job, so clearly the new position has no issue with your previous <1 year work history. You are leaving on "good terms with high recommendations", so clearly your current job has no problem with you leaving early. I say what's the hang-up? Nurse residencies are nice in that they give you an in at an institution and give you gradual access to new experiences without so much of the expectations out the gate. But they IMO are a luxury and are certainly not an expected/required entry into nursing. Depending on how the contract was written, I would take the new job.
  6. by   flowerpowerntx
    It just seems more ethical to postpone the wedding and fulfill your professional obligations. Seems like this is kind of a, for lack of a better word, childish reason to leave a residency.