Leaving Job While on Orientation

  1. I recently moved across country from the Midwest to Arizona. I am working in a hospital doing the usual three 12hr shifts. I am about to begin my 4th week of orientation out of 6 weeks. I applied for a few jobs last week and have interviews scheduled for two of the jobs this upcoming week. One of the jobs is in a medical clinic and the other is in administration. I applied for these particular jobs because of the "normal" schedule (Mon-Fri, 8-5, no weekends/holidays).

    I have two children and no family or close friends in this new area and I don't like leaving my children for such long hours with a baby sitter (14 hrs due to commuting time).

    So I am hoping to get offered a position at one of these jobs for a more work life balance. My question is: If offered a position, should I still give a two week notice since I am on orientation? I'm obviously not taking my own patient load on orientation, so I kind of feel like a two week notice is unnecessary. And on top of that I feel that things would be very awkward with my manager if I gave a notice while orienting and still showed up to work.

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  3. by   One1
    How about offering a 2 weeks notice when you sit down with your manager in person to quit? Tell him/her why you are quitting (work hours, family) and offer the 2 weeks as a goodwill gesture. You can have 2 written notices prepared, one with the 2 week notice, one without. Chances are you are not going to be taken up on it, but you might be able to leave the place this way without burning bridges.
  4. by   cardiacfreak
    I agree, I am in management and sitting down to talk with your manager about why you are leaving is the appropriate and responsible thing to do. I'm sure they will not have you work out your 2 weeks because that would be costing the facility money to train you for no reason. In the real world it is all about the bottom dollar.
  5. by   starmickey03
    Thanks for the advice! I'll definitely attempt to give a two week notice. But I agree, they won't allow me to finish up orientation as that would be a silly thing to do.
  6. by   HouTx
    Don't be surprised if you end up being categorized as "not eligible for rehire" by your current employer due to the circumstances of your departure and this can have a negative impact on your resume for a long time to come. Unless they changed the working hours, location, or other significant job characteristic after you accepted it ....... your reasons for leaving are entirely on you, not the employer.