Any of you have side jobs other than nursing

  1. Hey guys. I personally work nursing only and go to school part time. So I'm limited as to what I can do outside of work enough as it is. Some of the nurses I work with have side gigs where they own business, buy and sells stocks and ect. Do any of you work on the side doing anything else other than nursing? I think its interesting to know what other people do outside of nursing or even if they had careers before nursing.
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    I used to have a farmers' market bake stand with my kids. My daughter is an RN and teaches karate.
  4. by   Hygiene Queen
    I've known quite a few nurses who were real estate agents on the side. I guess it's pretty flexible, so it works for them. For awhile, I did fingerprinting on the side and my experience with elderly patients actually came in handy when I'd have to fingerprint certain residents placed in nursing homes. I knew how to get a decent print out of old contracted hands!
  5. by   Grobyc82
    Thats awesome. I do martial arts on the side too and have toyed with the idea of opening up a school. but the chances of that happening are zero ha!
  6. by   Grobyc82
    I heard of someone else who retired from nursing and went on to doing full time as a real estate agent. I suppose the flexibility of being an agent allows them do side work. I even know my last agent was going back to nursing school. Interesting.
  7. by   Alex Egan
    I teach CPR. It's not enough to replace nursing, but it is a nice bit of side income.
  8. by   Leader25
    For many years I ran a studio of motion and also worked for a big name gym.It helped keep me sane.
  9. by   caliotter3
    A friend who was an excellent nurse, obtained a real estate license, but he could not make a go of it. He ended up taking a job in finance that he obtained through his wife's connections. He just got fed up with nursing. A shame, because he was so good at it.