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Dear Nurse Beth, I am considering a career change to nursing. I'm thinking of entering into the LPN program because once I'm accepted I only have to be out of work for one year, as opposed to two.... Read More

  1. by   Wolf at the Door
    Quote from didi768
    Oh, and if u want to make the REALLY good money, be a traveling nurse!

    lol, only applies to certain specialities. come on over to the travel section.

    Answer to the thread is Capitalism is why you are paid so little. Its BS.
  2. by   ThePrincessBride
    I'm a RN with a BSN and my base pay adds up to only 46k. My weekend requirements and six paid holidays brings me up to about 48k. This next raise will bring me to 50k.

    I am not a new RN. I have been a nurse for over two years.
  3. by   the_murse_factor
    I've been a LPN for 6 months now. Although my base salary is about 45k I'm due to break the 60k mark this year all thanks to the sign on bonus and occasional OT. There is money to be made as a LPN but you have to put in some work to get it.
  4. by   SouthernBelle85
    I worked in childcare at a daycare before I decided to get my LPN license. I just graduated and passed NCLEX. Currently job hunting. Working in childcare and making 16 to 18K a year and now maybe making double that...makes it worth it. I don't have kids to support so, 40K is enough to support me right now but I do plan on getting my RN. Hoping in the Spring to start on prereqs and get into a LPN-RN fasttrack program in a year or so.

    I do not regret going the LPN route because I did not have the money for RN school and technical college was much cheaper because Pell Grants paid for most of it! Plus,it was small classes so I got a lot of one on one with professors in classroom and clinical sights. I think being a LPN for a year is going to help me be a better RN in the future.
  5. by   SSHunt
    I'm a LPN. I love what I do, home health. I spent a year on the floor when I first became a nurse in 2010. My pay has increased considerably. Averaging 50+ yearly. I have a lot less stress than the RNs. Pay is less also, which I'm fine with, i.e. Less stress. There are so many jobs in nursing and every one is important. The sky is the limit, good luck.
  6. by   Myhutton
    I've been a LPN for 36 years and I've made well over $40,000 for at least the last 20 years. I don't work weekends or overtime!
  7. by   MelissaC71
    In Canada I don't work "under" anyone. I alone am responsible for my practice. I also make more than 40G a year. Another option could be correctional nursing. I changed from Rural acute to corrections a few years ago and I couldn't be happier. Rural Acute taught me some wicked assessment skills and how to be a good nurse. I carried that with me, where I feel I get to use my skills far more than ever before. I hate the just be an RN comments. I started bridging over to RN, decided I didn't like the way their careers were changing. I felt they were getting away from the actual patient. I stopped taking the course and focused on really just enjoying the job I do. I couldn't be happier.
  8. by   Jme LPN17GRN1
    I've been a LPN for 17 years as well. I graduated from nursing school at 21. 7-15-17 I graduated from nursing school again with my RN. I do regret not doing this sooner, however, due to the states I have worked in, I have gotten some great experience. I feel more confident in my nursing knowledge.