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  1. Erocknurse

    Work From Home: Utilization Review

    Any job leads or recommendations of companies?
  2. Erocknurse

    Why do LPNs only make $40K per year?

    What state are you in? This is not true in Texas. LVNs hold their own license here. Now what you may be referring to is that Medicare requires an RN assessment on patients in the hospital setting when an LVn is taking care of a patient. No one "works under" my license.
  3. Erocknurse

    Does anyone else ever envy their patients?

    Stop being so critical!!!!!! The nurse making the list was obviously being sarcastic!!!!
  4. Erocknurse

    Patient complaint-freaking out!

    First of all, I would have refused the suspension and would have immediately contacted my HR department. Secondly, when I am with my family, I make it a point to tell them to please not divulge that I am a nurse. I am not out to spot check anyone or step on toes. Yes, I may be more observant of things, but nothing ticks me off more than to have another nurse of a family member question every single thing I do when they KNOW fully well what I am doing. Our boss recently suggested that when we have a complaint, that we will call the patient and apologize. Um no. NOT happening. I am an experienced and darn good nurse. I try my best with everyone. I am NOT calling a patient and further perpetuating this ridiculous notion of "patient satisfaction". If I ever get a complaint and am asked to do that, my job will immediately receive my notice on the spot. Your boss had no right to suspend you without telling you why. I would reach out to your HR department and file a grievance immediately. This mentality will not change unless we stand against it.
  5. Erocknurse

    From the other side...nurses as patients.

    I have always held the belief that no matter who are or your credentials, we should ALWAYS explain things to our patients! I have been on the other side too! One time was from an anaphylactic reaction to a medication. I was the one in the trauma/code room and it was so scary! I think another point that you briefly touched upon is privacy. I was a patient in a different hospital one time and before I knew it, everyone in the hospital was checking on me! I was thinking, how did they even know I was here? Just because it may be a co worker, we still need to protect privacy. I didn't want everyone knowing I was there. Just something else to consider. I'm glad you are better!
  6. Erocknurse

    New RN - Should I take an unappealing Med-Surg offer?

    First of all, congratulations!!!! I have been an RN for seventeen years and an LPN before that. I started in med-surg and it was the best decision I ever made. I later transferred to ICU and then the ER, which has been my current specialty for many years. I am very dismayed at the nurses on here stating that starting out in med surg is overrated. You see so many different things and learn a plethora of skills!!!!! You will have easy patients to the most complex ones! You will learn to spot when a patient is going down hill. Yes some places have wound care nurses, but from what I have seen, (and I have travelled extensively), those nurses come evaluate and give recommendations and the floor nurse still performs the care. Although clinic jobs are hard to come by and the med surg position may not be IDEALLY what you want NOW, in the long run, taking the m/s job may benefit you the best. I have precepted many new grads mostly in the specialty area I work in. They all ask me the same question you have posed and I tell them to please start out on a med surg unit so they can hone their skills and learn time management. I have seen many new grads fall on their face because they are overwhelmed from not having that base knowledge or skill set. Some have done fine but not many. Med surg provides the big picture. And who knows? You may decide that you like it! I wish you success and let us know what happens! Elisa
  7. Erocknurse

    Is this reasonable or just over the top?

    This is ridiculous!!!!!! Honestly, I think bedside report is rude. You are talking about a patient like they aren't there! When I have attempted to do it, patients have become scared by all of the clinical talk no matter how many times it may have been explained previously. And then you have he family. The only place where I see value in bedside reporting would be in the ICU. And that scripting? Please! Nursing has just become ridiculous.
  8. Erocknurse

    So what's going to happen to health care now?

    I don't think they can totally repeal it but hey need to repeal the financial penalties toward employers who pay for "Cadillac" insurance for their employees. What, we are supposed to penalized for working hard? This whole plan was designed to eventually become socialized healthcare. I guess I will be performing a lot more medical screenings in the ER unless they can control the cost and actually provide affordable healthcare
  9. Erocknurse

    Burned out and hate nursing

    I don't know where you live, but there is a MAJOR insurance company hiring for medical reviewers/case managers. I wanted to do it, but it was too far from my house. I totally feel your pain. I have been in nursing now for close to fourteen years. I agree with previous posts that say a nurse leaves her manager. I have worked in some hell hole emergency rooms, but was able to manage because I had the proper support. With all the health care reform, the government doesn't realize that they are pushing out experienced nurses and doctors alike. Yes, we have a hard job and should make more than a fry person at a fast food joint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My advice is this: Sit down somewhere quiet and write down all the pros and cons of your career. Explore WHY you chose nursing. We live in an entitleist society now. That will not change. I have learned as an emergency room nurse to teach patients and families how to treat ME. I don't put up with their crap. I do it though in a gentle but firm way. You teach people how to treat you. That cup of ice is NOT more important than the code about to happen down the hall!!!!!! As far as patient satisfaction scores.... The only people that fill out those forms are the drug seekers who didn't get their drugs!!!!!! (I know... I do call backs as well). As far as pooh poohing jobs that want "experience", highlight the experience you DO have!!!!! Med/surg nurses take care of a WIDE variety of patients!!!!!!! Sell YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!! Good luck to you and I hope this helps!!!!!!!!!