LPN to RN feels Trapped and Burnt Out

  1. Dear Nurse Beth,

    I have been an LPN for 20+ years and recently became an RN. I have worked at the same job for almost 10 years in Home Health. My problem is that I am severely burned out with direct patient care. I am currently in school working on my BSN and will graduate next Summer. I have been looking for other jobs because I feel like I need a change.

    My problem is that even though I have so much experience it really doesn't count because it was LPN experience. I feel trapped and it feels like I don't have enough experience to go anywhere besides a MedSurg floor, which I really do not want to do. Any advise? My ultimate goal is the go into management and I hope to continue on to my Masters degree.

    Dear Burned Out,

    Congratulations on getting your RN and working on your BSN!

    I would work MedSurg and here's why.

    You need some solid acute care experience as an RN if your goal is to be nursing leader.

    You are burned out as an LPN-recently-turned-RN -in-Home Health, but you will not be
    burned out as a new grad RN in MedSurg. In fact, the change in role and practice setting
    may be just the thing for your burnout.

    You will be challenged by caring for higher acuity patients, and learning new skills.

    Best wishes,

    Nurse Beth

    Author, "Your Last Nursing Class: How to Land Your First Nursing Job"...and your next!
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  3. by   Dafabb
    As an LVN of 40 years I agree to go on M/S floor. I have done Home care with one pt. at a time and home health with 35 pt a week(my #1 love). Having 5-7 pt will keep you on your toes and will give you great satisfaction. I have been in the hospital about 32 of those years. Gone from one end to the other in the hospital-ICU to M/S. It might not count on paper but being an older Nurse it does count in their minds. You will stay active and busy and time will fly unlike home care. It will probably give you a new lease on life. Unlike many States Texas has been the most liberal and allowed us the most experience along side our RN counterparts. Enjoy your transition....
  4. by   rachel10069
    Of course your LPN experience counts! Where did you get the idea that it doesn't count? Not sure why the advice that was given to you is to go on a med/surge floor when you made it clear that you don't want to do that. You do not need to work on a med/surge floor to go into Nursing leadership.
  5. by   stella789
    Breaking into long term care is also an option to get into leadership and I would say probably a little easier to make the transition into leadership.