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  1. stella789

    DON with no authority

    I recently took over as DON where I was previously ADON and then Quality nurse for over 2 years. The executive director changed the organizational structure of our facility (prior to me taking over as DON) so now there are 2 Operations managers who are essentially the administrators-one over LTC and one over rehab. DON is supposed to be “equal” but this really is not the case. The operations managers are meant to deal with the “people” and the DON the regulatory. All of the nurse managers report to the OM, not the DON. MDS, staffing coordinator, nurse educator, and off shift supervisors report to DON. Last week I was told I’m “too involved” and they will pull me in as needed. I should also mention that of the 3 of them, none of them clinical. I literally know nothing that’s going on except what’s discussed in our morning meeting. Today state showed up on a complaint and I know absolutely nothing about any of it and was not included on anything. Instead of the nurse manager down on the unit where the complaint was, she was upstairs working on printing paperwork the state rep requested and doing other things. Im really just looking for some opinions on this situation regardless of whether you agree with the structure or not. I know there are so many knowledgeable and experienced nurses here and I’m interested to hear opinions from someone who has held the DON seat before but also just someone else clinical.
  2. stella789

    LPN to RN feels Trapped and Burnt Out

    Breaking into long term care is also an option to get into leadership and I would say probably a little easier to make the transition into leadership.
  3. I agree with Ruby Vee, there's always something to learn no matter where you are. In AL, there are sooooo many regs to learn that are necessary for compliance. I'm in St. Louis and you may not have these options where you are but we have several facilities that provide the whole continuum of care from Independent Living to AL to SNF to LTC. This week I started as ADON in one of these facilities and the LPN's are kind of shuffled between the different level of care so they do see more of a variety. These places also tend to pay higher than the stand-alone SNF's.
  4. stella789

    Treated Like Black Plague

    You could also try case management, utilization management, insurance companies
  5. stella789

    Excessive absenteeism

    That always boggles my mind when a facility, a place of business, has no absenteeism policy. I think the points system sounds legit, hope it works out. I know my mom has a points system at both of her jobs and tardies are also included. This is one fear I had taking a management position was constantly having to cover shifts. The ADON position I just accepted doesn't seem to have this issue and there will be supervisors under me so hopefully I won't need to cover like that. But capecod I agree, I don't understand why people can't just be an adult. You're the one that chose to go out drinking or whatever, own up to it or don't do it when you know you have to work. A never ending battle I know í ½í¸í ½í¹„í ½í¸‘
  6. Old thread but still helpful. I just accepted an ADON position at a large facility. Census runs about 140 I think I was told? Anyways, I almost cancelled the interview because I just didn't want to be on call ALL the time and the structure of a lot of facilities in St. Louis isn't as supportive as I would want. This facility has an ADON over rehab and then I will be ADON over Long term care . Each unit has a supervisor under me plus a charge. I'm anxious to get in there and get started
  7. stella789

    Any traveler's in St.Louis?

    St. Marys and DePaul are both part of SSM, I like St. Marys better but it would be about a 20-30 minute drive from St. Charles with traffic depending on exact location. Maryland Heights is a great area, easy access to everything and close to DePaul.
  8. stella789

    HIPAA violation

    That bedside shift report in semi private rooms always gets me. I know it states it is "ok" to discuss but if I'm the patient and I have some potentially embarrassing thing going on...I would NOT be ok with that. I worked at a large teaching hospital and bedside shift report was a MUST. They did frequent audits on that and the white boards. In my opinion, they could have put their focus on other more important issues...
  9. stella789

    Non medical Home Care startup

    Hi all! I am working on possibly starting a non medical home care agency and just curious as to how others got started as far as developing p&p manuals or purchasing already made manuals? I've found a few sites with startup manuals for purchase but not exactly sure how reliable these are. Any insight re: this or anything else would be great!
  10. I'm in St. Louis and just made the switch from hospital to HH for multiple reasons and I'm loving it so far. The money is surprisingly comparable here. I'm starting out prn and am also in the process of getting signed up with an agency to do some local agency in the hospital to keep up my skills. HH is a HUGE change and there's definitely a learning curve along with tons of glorious freedom Before I made the switch I did a ton of research and read through every post I could here in the HH forum....very helpful. Good luck!
  11. stella789

    HCA, Parallon, Colorado & Utah

    I just left my assignment at an HCA facility. From what I was told it was one of the worst HCA facilities and they aren't all that bad but I was only able to stick it out 5 weeks. Needless to say I will not be attempting another Parrallon contract. It was extremely unorganized and inefficient. I could go on for days....
  12. stella789

    How do you know if you don't have a contract?

    You may make the same at your current staff position but you have to consider that the cost of living elsewhere is not nearly as high. So while you may be making the same you should still essentially be "making" money if that makes any sense...
  13. stella789


    I actually met a traveler at my last assignment that requested on interview she only work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...it was more of a must. They accepted (I think out of desperation as this particular facility was 95% agency/contract). I dont mind mind working weekends at all. I much prefer conducting all of my business and anything I might want to do during the week. I guess when I worked nights I got so accustomed to grocery shopping in the morning after work before I made it home to bed or at 2 am when there was no one out and I couldn't sleep, I can't hardly stand the crowds anymore. But I agree with others, keeping your schedule as flexible as you can is your best bet. Most require every other weekend or so many a month. But I haven't worked anywhere that didn't allow me to essentially make my own schedule.
  14. stella789

    Traveler orientation

    The first facility (i was there 9months) I went to was one day hospital orientation, one day nursing, and one day computers then one day of orientation. The second facility (only stayed 5 weeks) was a FULL 5 days of hospital/nursing/computer orientation. It was brutal. And the first couple days we didn't even get a lunch and even bathroom breaks were minimal. Of course orientation on the floor was only one day. I find it interesting how focused facilities can be regarding those pesky orientations we've all been through numerous times. I know it's all for compliance purposes but giving very limited orientation to the floor after making you sit through five days of the same repetitive information just seems so backwards. I'd much rather "read through" the info on my own time and get to work. But that's just me...
  15. When I first started traveling last year my agency actually set everything up for me. I just had to provide my own mask. I just went to an urgent care. I'm in St. Louis (hometown) and I believe I went to Concentra....
  16. I've been thinking about a career move to another field of nursing and HH has been on my interest list. But I must say that I found this thread so interesting I read every single post and have decided HH is exactly what I should be doing. I work very well with a team but there's nothing I enjoy more than autonomy and my independence. Thanks for all the insight

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