I Put my Organization at Risk

  1. Dear Nurse Beth,

    I'm a nurse that works in quality Improvement within Dialysis. I made some mistakes and gave too much information that showed some weaknesses in the company that I work for.

    I recognize that I was at fault. I feel awful, I want to continue to work for this company but how do I recover professionally? I did acknowledge to my director that I messed up. But how do I truly show remorse? We will continue to get inspected in the upcoming weeks because this weakness has been highlighted to them.

    Dear Messed Up,

    I'm sorry you're going through this situation. Remember this may not be entirely your fault. Mistakes rarely happen in a vacuum.
    Did you receive sufficient training and supervision?

    You are now in the damage control phase, although it's really no longer in your hands.

    Depending on the seriousness of the error, companies can do anything from terminating you to letting it go as a lesson learned.
    It depends on your overall work record, the impact of the error to the organization, such as fines, and the pressure on your boss from higher-ups.

    During this time of being re-inspected, be professional and keep your head up.

    Best wishes,

    Nurse Beth

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  3. by   Susie2310
    It sounds as though you are being penalized for being truthful.
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  4. by   AnnieNP
    Perhaps the weaknesses needed to be seen.
  5. by   gonavymkn
    Transparency seems to only work when other folks are being transparent - the whole point of Quality Improvement is just that - sorry to hear about this & hope it works out for you.