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It is a sad career that we are in, folks. I'm a nurse working in a nursing home. I was told of another nurse taking pictures of a bipolar patient after a horrific fall she had, ending in a fractured... Read More

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    crippersmom...please check your private messages
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    Quote from accessqueen
    The original post states "I was told of another nurse taking pictures. . . .etc". You were told???? and then reported this 'hearsay' to a supervisor??? Did you have any proof?? I'm not surprised people are out to get you.
    I was told by EMS that this kid in my ER may have been abused. Clearly, I have no duty to report this finding as I do not have proof.
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    Quote from GilaRN
    People can take offense to the "shut up" remark all day long; however, the OP stated that they have no options. I assumed people would understand the actual meaning behind my comments. Allow me to be a bit more specific:

    Without knowning the complete scenario, I will assume that a case for whistle blower protection exists. If this is the case, then options exist. If somebody is serious about taking action, they need to shut up, go to a lawyer, and start putting a case together. Crying your heart out on a public forum is not helpful when legal stuff is involved. The time to talk will occur in court room or similar setting, not on a public forum where statements can be taken and used in many ways.

    Again, it was said no options exist; however, options may in fact exist. If the OP is serious about taking action, the OP needs to "shut up." Obviously, this is related to the whole "shut up and lawyer up" concept. Actually, the same concept. Go ahead and take offense; however, I still think it is sound advice.

    Good luck.
    I agree with the overall advice, but the tone is rather sharp. You are trying to stress the importance of this situation, I know. To the original postor, stop talking publically on this matter and seek a lawyer. Get your documentation in order too. And don't speak, text, e-mail to your co-workers or friends of this-it is a legal matter and anyone you divulge information to can/will become involved willingly or unwillingly. Always go on the advice of your lawyer before venting to family...Sorry this is happening to you. Good luck :redpinkhe
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    free audio conference today 11am est, may give you ideas

    may 15th free audio conference: speaking up for yourself and your patients

    " discuss the role of truth-telling and moral agency in health care."
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    i agree. One other option is to stay firm in your way and continue. Pray for people that abuse others, they will have their karma. Go to the person personally and tell them that you dissaprove of their behavior, and you would like to see them do good for others, but do not approach this person at the work site. Just go on about your business and stay uninvolved, unless it involves your reputation, verbal or written and it is false. then take legal action.
    There are all kinds of wicked people in the nursing profession. I have seen this wickedness in my nursing instructors, and other students see it as well. Sometimes me and study group talk about how wicked the instructors are, although we are learning, but we ask ourselves why are these instructors so wicked and hateful when we ask them questions, we just figure, well they are not taking care of patients, and they are just coming everyday to the college to get their $$$$, a pay check. They do not want to work in a hospital and take care of people, they are sick and tired of it is the message that we get from them, and then they take their tied and sickness out on the students. next semester we are going to videotape and record every interaction with the instructors and start exposing these nursing instructors' attitudes to the president of the college. My, my, I would not want any of these nursing instructors taking care of my dog, they are too insenitive and down right mean and only if they knew, we can see it and feel their rotten attitudes. But, I will get through this nursing program no matter how they treat us, we want to be nurses, and they don't-anymore-that's obvious. There are some nursing instructors who are really really nice, and smart and dedicated in helping the students. there was one instructors who showed disgust because she seen another instructors trying to really help the students, and tried to cut her short, how obvious was that for everyone to see that the other instructor had a bad attitude, but seniority ruled, the instructor that was helping us just ignored the disgruntle instructor....shewwww!!! was a site that was.
    Some of these nursing instructors need to get a life outside of teaching nursing students.

    Now, see we all have our experiences, if a nursing instructor can show an attitude like that, let's us be glad that she is not in the hospital taking care of our loved ones. YEA.......so glad.

    So, do the best you can everyday. Walk right past those that are falling, let them fall if they insist, you stay up though and keep going.

    I still say to get involved in another area of nursing, it is out there just find it, you will have to explore though, seriously explore all your options.

    You may want to ask someone to be a mentor to you, like look for another nurse that has a better perspective of nursing, feed yourself in that manner, feed your soul with the good from other nurses, do not participate in any wrong doing. Perform in the heat of passion for nursing with others that have that heated passion for nursing. take care.
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    Quote from GilaRN
    I was told by EMS that this kid in my ER may have been abused. Clearly, I have no duty to report this finding as I do not have proof.
    Your describing a different situation, with different legal ramifications. Reporting something about a fellow emplyee, without proof can be labeled slander. The person who supposedly saw the picture taking should have been the one to report it. The fact that they didn't, makes me wonder if it really happened. It's a pretty bizarre story.
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    Quote from accessqueen
    Your describing a different situation, with different legal ramifications. Reporting something about a fellow emplyee, without proof can be labeled slander. The person who supposedly saw the picture taking should have been the one to report it. The fact that they didn't, makes me wonder if it really happened. It's a pretty bizarre story.
    Abuse is abuse IMHO. Does not matter who is on the giving and receiving end. You could get in trouble for not reporting. Even looking at somebodies medical records without cause is a serious violation. Just ask the nurses who lost their jobs followin the Spear's incident. Picture taking is just as bad, perhaps worse when the patient is on the floor bleeding. Even taking pictures of dead people will get you in trouble. Just look at the EMT who is on hot water over his facebook pictures. We have an obligation to report this kind of stuff. If not for our patient's best interest, then for the sake of keeping ourselves out of hot water.
  8. by   doesanyoneknowwhy
    i agree. No one has a right to obstruct the pathway of another without credible and valid reason, otherwise, that is violating a another's right of freedom of movement.

    Walk away from third hand information. Just walk away! Let it go. If the person refuses to leave, then it is considered harrassment-trust me, you can bring charges aganist someone for violating your peace.

    Handle a matter like this in a court of law, let a judge tell the person that is the violator that they will be put in jail if they harass you again.

    Obstructing someone's freedom of movement-even with third hand (false? lies? of whatever reason) is harassment, and this type of behavior is not permitted in the medical setting, this approach is asking someone to neglect time that should be devoted to a patient or client. Next time, tell the person you are on company time, and are busy with patient care, and if they persists, tell the supervisor, and file civil charges, have the supervisor supboened into court as a witness in your behalf. this is the only way to get rid of bad people in the medical field. People who are patients or clients are there for a reason for competent people to take care of them. Show that bad apple who you really are.
  9. by   GilaRRT
    So, we simply turn a blind eye if we hear reports of this kind of stuff? Sounds like a plan to me. Unfortunately, this hands off approach tends to backfire if things go south.

    If somebody finds out and an investigation does occur, where does that leave you? People are funny creatures and will turn on you under pressure. How will it look when somebody rats you out for not reporting? Not good for the home team, that is for sure.

    Since we do not know the whole story, it is impossible to realistically argue the finer points.
  10. by   doesanyoneknowwhy
    well, listen, it is still not first hand information, you did not witness anything. I suggest that the next time you are in the presence in front of others, including the DON or whomever, and the person with the claims being present, EXPOSE THEM TO EVERY ONE, TELL EVERYBODY IN THEIR PRESENCE TO LISTEN TO WHAT SO AND SO HAS TO HAS, this way the person that told you will have everybody involved, and then everybody will be investigated.

    But, I am telling you, either ignore it, you are no obligated the person that told you this crap is obligated, and if there is not decent DON, a nurse manager or whoever, then call OMBUDSMAN YOURSELF, is can be an anonymous call!!!

    You butt is then covered. Go on about your business at work, and stand your grounds with this stupid individual. Make them look like a fool in front of others the best you can, but just act cool until you have your break, to break them. I really think the best thing to do is EXPOSE THEM, they decided to involve you-for whatever reason-just involve them more in the situation to the point that it makes their life and career unbearable.
  11. by   GilaRRT
    So, "exposing" somebody in front of all kinds of people is not "obstructing their freedom of movement." Glad we have that cleared up.
  12. by   crippersmom
    Hey guys. Wow, we've really got some views here, eh? :imbar I will not be talking about the original post as it is being investigated, but I did want to clear one thing up and that is that there were three people that saw the same thing. (pictues on cell phone).
    Anyway, I have applied elsewhere and have an interview Tuesday.
    I've been a nurse for 18 years and I can't imaging my life without nursing. Especially the elderly. I love them.
    I just feel like we have to be there for them and not turn our cheek like so many do. It is our job to protect them from wrong doing. That's what I'm all about.
    The entire situation has been extremely frustrating. :angryfire

    You know...I always ask myself in situations, "If that was my mother/father, would I want someone to step in?"
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    lol. Talk about viciousness in the workplace. Doesn't sound like teamwork.