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  1. by   Tweety
    Fergus, it doesn't sound like their making a fair assumption. They should have offered a tax calculator to compare in the states what the same taxes would be in a percentage.

    You said you paid 24% taxes. That's much lower than my 30somthing% that I paid.
  2. by   fergus51
    Hey Tweety, That includes my federal and provincial taxes as well as our "social security" (CPP) and unemployment. It doesn't include property taxes, cause I rent and I don't smoke or drink much so liquor and tobacco taxes don't hurt me either. I did get deductions for my contribution to our pension plan, my union dues and nursing registration and some courses I took. I didn't make as much money this year cause I took a month and a half off.

    The Fraser Institute is always putting things out in such a way as to make their point, even when reality is a little different.... They are our right wingers.
  3. by   Tweety
    It is aggravating when people manipulate stats to their own gain.

    I'll have to correct myself, I got my paycheck stub and calculated I pay the federal government only 23% of my wages. There's no state taxes here in Florida. Plus I pay $113.00 in various insurances and disabilities, so I guess that was what was making me think my taxes were so high.

    Do you pay a separatet tax for your health care or is that included in the percentage you quoted?

    However, add into that utility taxes, property taxes on my house, sale tax on everything I buy, on and on and on, it does add up. Probably similar to what Canadians pay.
  4. by   fergus51
    No, health care comes out of provincial and federal taxes, it isn't separate. What I found in the US is that when I included my health and disability there (I don't have to pay separately for it here) I was taking home almost the same percentage. People seem to think that healthcare increases our taxes, but they ignore the fact that Americans still have to pay for health care too. There are some real differences depending on the province. Like Alberta doesn't have any provincial sales tax or income tax I believe. Plus Northerners get to have a Northern Allowance deduction... I hate tax time.
  5. by   hmccartn
    i dont know the percentage of taxes i pay up in canada. the fact that nurses do get paid less than in the states is a factor to consider. however, your health care is free...well not exactly..the taxes you pay goes into the health care budget..but when you have to see a health care provider in a doctors clinic, get surgery, see a specialist...there is no fee..
  6. by   fergus51
    You should also remember that pay scales depend on the state. There is a reason Canadian nurses are not lining up to move to Alabama or Kentucky. We all go to the well paying states.
  7. by   Dplear
    I pay approx 18% in taxes. I pay an average every year of about $289 in fuel taxes. My property taxes ruin me 4000 a year which is less than 3% of my income. Ancillary taxes not including sales tax is about 1000. Sales taxes run about 1000 a year. heck say 2000 a year. I still only pay about 23% in taxes including the sales property and gas taxes as well as income tax.

  8. by   Tweety
    Quote from Dplear
    My property taxes ruin me 4000 a year which is less than 3% of my income.
    GASP! 4000 a year!!!!! I thought the nearly 2000 a year a pay was high. Guess I should be thankful.
  9. by   nursebonkers
    How much for a loaf of bread, a bar of soap, a movie ticket, a compact non luxury car?
  10. by   nursebonkers
    Dear RN MSN FNP_____
    Do you believe that most bedside hospital nurses are overworked. If not tell me why? Can you tell me how long you lasted as a bedside nurse, if at all? Can you tell me why bedside nurses are most affected by Adrenal Fatigue? I am asking this because of the fact that your ID RN MSN FNP leads me to believe that you are a nurse in primary practice.
  11. by   wjf00
    It is great FOR ME that my taxes are lower in the US. However the next generation will sadled with an enormous amount of debt. Is Canada this short sighted with their budgets?