we have talked about SEIU here in past

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  3. by   sjoe
    "What we have found time and time again is that the locals that are single-industry locals are the ones that succeed. They're the ones that win for our members," Tom Hoffman, a co-trustee of Local 585, said yesterday."

    It isn't a matter of being single-industry or not, but of how much and in what areas the union supports its PAYING members.

    My experience has been that SEIU:

    1) is even less responsive to members than facility management,
    2) it supports pay and benefits to some degree but
    3)will not stand up against abusive and/or incompetent management.

    My experience with CNA has been even worse--they are all but useless--and this is a single-industry union.

    Give me the Teamsters any time, since management repeatedly shows it responds only to fear.
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  4. by   rebelwaclause
    CNA Useless?...Really? (I'm really asking a question - Not trying to be funny or sarcastic!).

    CNA always seem to be so "member" oriented. They DOG SEIU every chance they get, which I guess in retrospect is an attempt to protect its own.

    Point #3 about SEIU is EVERY true! Why is that?

    Good post SJoe!
  5. by   -jt
    <Point #3 about SEIU is EVERY true! Why is that?>

    Because they have what they call a "partnership" with their hospitals wherein they & the hospitals agreed to interact in a less confrontational manner towards each other & in return, the hospitals agreed to not interfer with the union's organizing at their facilities. Some people have criticized these partnership. If youre interested, you can find a lot of articles about it if you do a search for "Seiu partnerships".
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