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Still trying to stop that overtime elimination bill from becoming law, Congress introduces a new bill to protect the worker's overtime pay: New York State Nurses Association Practice and... Read More

  1. by   fergus51
    I work in a union hospital and we get OT pay for anything over our 12 hour shift. You would not be permitted to work 16 hours and not get OT for 4.
  2. by   -jt
    same here.
    F/T is 37.5 hrs per week. We get time and a half for any extra days worked and also daily time and a half for any time worked past the end of our regular shift.

    part timers get time and a half daily for any hours over their usual shift but not for extra days worked until they total more than the f/t 37.5 hrs/week.

    sooooo..... part timers prefer to pick up ot by staying past their shift & getting the daily time & a half, rather than coming in for extra days at straight pay.
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  3. by   CarlJ
    I am a prestudent nurse coming from the telecom industry as a R&D engineer. I have gone up the ranks as a non-exempt technican to an exempt engineer. In both situations, I have had to work overtime and as a tech. it is nice to get that extra bit in the pay check. However, as an engineer, I made a lot more in my base salary. Sure I put in some OT without extra pay, but I still think I came out ahead. When project situations got chronic, extra money or comp-time was made available to make sure people were available to work. Also, yearly performance awards were available to reward extra efforts.

    What if nurses salaries were substituted for hourly wages? Considering the OT, what salary would you accept? How much OT would you be willing to give for that salary? I cannot imagine anyone would accept 40 hrs/wk at their current rate as an acceptable salary. Is that what is assumed? That would be outragous!

    I have to assume that there wouldhave to be some sort of equity between a salary and hourly wage. Am I just wet behind the ears?
  4. by   Want2bRN
    I have told people about this at work and most of them dont really care..
    they have said well I have to pay bills and if that happen i still have to work
    That right there really piss me off
    this is not right how are we all going to make it speical if your single mom or dad...
    I canat live of straight pay so i wrk OT of 8 or 16hours week to make
    OH im in VIrginia the pay here already sucks fors LPN's all they going to do is make it worse for us here.
    All this does is make the Rich richer, keep the people trying to make it working even harder, and poor poorer
  5. by   azgirl
    Anything new on the overtime situation? The hospital has a sign up that RN's working an additional shift will get $12 more. Don't know if that means on top of OT or in lieu of OT. Various interpretations going around.
  6. by   mattsmom81
    My CEO has promised that his facility will continue to pay OT despite the law. Of course, this may change after they have the law on their side...

    I've written my letters. With enough outcry we may make a difference here.

    Also added a paragraph or two about our 'nursing shortage' to edumacate the congressmen (or at least the congressmens' aides) a bit. Made me feel better to do some truth telling, anywho.
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  7. by   BBFRN
    Letters have been sent to my Congresswoman, state representatives, and the President. This is really scary! If I were forced to work OT, and then not get paid for it, I will leave the bedside. Why do they want to punish those of us who have stayed in bedside nursing? I didn't realize until I looked at the ANA politics page that one of our Congresswomen, Ann Northup has voted against the ANA consistently on everything.