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business leaders worship marketplace ideology "almost like religion," says raymond werntz, who for nearly thirty years ran healthcare programs for whitman corporation, a chicago-based multinational... Read More

  1. by   pickledpepperRN
    I know a senior BSN student who also works as an LVN charge nurse in a SNF at night.
    She grew up with a mother on welfare, food stamps, and school lunches.

    I will be fortunate indeed if she or someone like her is my nurse.

    Not happy about lots of ways my tax money is spent but very glad some helps kids.
    I do know the frustration with some people who can't or won't like a productive life.
  2. by   CRNA2007
    yeah I love those scare tactics too Like one paycheck away from being homeless. Kids dying because they can't get health care. And one of my all time favorites...Elderly having to choose between eating dogfood and buying their medicine. Yep, you gotta laugh at all the scare tactics and fear mongering going on.

    Quote from Emmanuel Goldstein
    Great post

    I always laugh when I hear these scare tactics, especially those regarding long waits for appointments and treatment.
  3. by   EmmaG
    Quote from CRNA2007
    yeah I love those scare tactics too Like one paycheck away from being homeless. Kids dying because they can't get health care. And one of my all time favorites...Elderly having to choose between eating dogfood and buying their medicine. Yep, you gotta laugh at all the scare tactics and fear mongering going on.
    Ah, hit and run lol.

    Your posts are answered with actual sources, whereas you provide nothing but sound-byte hyperbole.
  4. by   CRNA2007
    Soooooo,who do you expect top pay the $400/month. It's unfortunate that she has MS but why should her neighbors be forced to pay it? I've had many jobs I hated but did to make ends meet as have a lot of people on here. You do what you have to do to get by and if that mean you have to give up items that one would like you do that.

    [quote=lamazeteacher;2475842]one with MS, who has a copay with Blue Cross of $400./month (giving up many items she'd like, and cutting down on her daily injections when her bills are high), for her copaxone treatment. She has few symptoms now, that are hardly apparent. Her husband dares not change his work, as losing the healthcare benefit would be financially suicidal. So he puts up with circumstances that thwart the business he's in.quote]
  5. by   ZASHAGALKA
    Quote from HM2Viking
    What would you suggest?

    Under our current system patients do not have real provider choice.
    That is because the government has conspired with business to take away your choice and it's called employer-provided health insurance. In reality, it's government tax subsidized insurance.

    The ONLY reason that businesses want out is because they allowed their unions to take it to the next level, with Cadillac health plans that weren't fully offset by government charity. So now, they want out. Screw those union workers we promised superior benefits to - they can have a dismal government health plan, just like everybody else!

    I would suggest an immediate de-coupling of health insurance from employment. Once you can choose your OWN policy, health insurance, just like Geico and Allstate, will be bending over backwards to cater to YOU. What a thought!

    A doctor's office visit only costs 200 bucks and a prescription only costs 300 bucks because YOU don't pay directly for it. If you did, both doctors and pharmaceuticals could only charge what YOU would be willing to pay. How many times would CAT scan owners actually get hundreds of dollars per scan if YOU paid the bill?

    Of course, the government can create it's own monopoly. Let me ask you this, shouldn't Halliburton be allowed to become a monopoly to provide infrastructure service to the military? Isn't that a great idea!!!! No? Why not. More important, how does ANY reason you could cite why not - NOT apply to a government monopoly?

    I'm a convervative BECAUSE conservatism means caring. A "fair" share in a dismal government outcome? That's not very caring.

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  6. by   lamazeteacher
    In Canada, there are no slums, people feel proud of the government subsidized housing accomodations that are available to the poor. However, there are many investigators, like my sister, a private investigator, who monitor what those "on the dole" (a shameful dependent thing) are doing. If they work on the side, are noncompliant with their medical regime, or had an inordinate number of luxuries, their welfare ceases.

    As a child, I went to New York City many times, overnight. I could see into the shanties
    occupied by the poor when we slowed in cities on the way, and then I knew we'd left Canada and were in the USA. There is a pervasive sense of the impoverished giving up, here, that I don't see in Canada.

    As far as their birth rate is concerned, that really is their right, just as it is ours. How would you like a society like China, that forbad more than one child, with parents killing a baby if it was a girl? It is up to our welfare system, to raise the self esteem of these people sufficiently, so they don't see their value only in reproduction. That type of education starts with the very young receiving humane, non combative instruction.There are many fathers who desert women when they impregnate them, and then the woman's family berates them, isolating them further. Where are those government workers who might identify those fathers, and tap their paychecks if they work, or get them employed, teach them parenting skills, etc. Are they afraid those men might retaliate with violence? Again, teaching responsibility starts very young.

    I don't know if I'm more grumpy this time of year, or if there really were more littered candy wrappers in the street............ Next year, I'm going to admonish school aged trick (? now there's a concept) or treaters, as I hand out nutritious snacks, by telling them there would be nothing next year if I found trash around. In Canada, we yelled "shell out". The thought of "egging", smashing pumpkins, etc. was far from our way of thinking.

    I remember in a parenting class, I taught, that when I raised the issue of discipline, and suggested that it's useless to punish babies as they have no way of knowing that their behavior had results. I said figuring out what would distract a child or make it worth their while to behave (like feeling good about themselves), other then striking them, 2 couples walked out muttering,"I'll hit my kid if I want to".

    We have generations of people who live in a welfare jungle, and don't really know how to achieve job skills that would get them out. School counselors haven't a real sense of their importance since this society regards people by their earning power and the very ones who hold our children in the palms of their hands, buy that value system, become depressed and walk the system without support from the community. We give more attention to those who are uneducable, by the "no child left behind" program. I took
    care of a girl in a school class one summer, who was unconscious, deaf, blind, and needed suctioning as she couldn't swallow. I'm not saying she shouldn't have care, I'm saying it would be more appropriate in a day care setting, than school. However, our Regional Centers will only pay for 1:1 nursing at home, and there are not enough nurses to do that.