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Registered nurses start strike August 24, 2006 at 7am at Robert Wood Johnson Univeristy Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ Nurses reject contract proposal Home News Tribune Online 08/17/06 By DAVID... Read More

  1. by   trishwille
    RWJ Hosp Nurses:
    Keep Your Eye On The Ball......
    Mgt. Has Always Hated Unionized Nurses
    Look At All The Money They Spend To Break Unions.....
    Actions Speak Louder Than All Their Words......
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  2. by   lee1
    Quote from RNBarb
    I've been out walking our picket line for all but 3 days now. What continues to impress and amaze me me is the ongoing determination and resolve my co-workers are showing. What a GREAT group of people we have! Nurses from all areas of the hospital have bonded and joined together to stand up and fight for what we believe is right. Not one nurse out there WANTS to be there...we all want to get back to doing what we do best, taking care of our patients. The fact that we continue to support each other, encourage each other, and help each other is a testament to our committment and solidarity. Thank you all for the words of encouragement and support. UNITED WE STAND1

    What do the nurses think they will get when negotiations resume? Do you know that you can possibly lose things also???
  3. by   trishwille
    Life Is A Risk.....
    So Keep Eye On The Ball....
    Do Not Be Intimated By Anyone....
  4. by   RNBarb
    [quote=lee1]What do the nurses think they will get when negotiations resume? Do you know that you can possibly lose things also???[/quote
    A better health care plan is what we expect! Of course we know we could lose things, but if we all believed that, we would not be pounding the pavement, talking to the community, politicians, friends, neighbors and the media. Nurses DESERVE quality health care! Be thankful for groups like us who are willing to fight for what is right! EVERYONE benefits in the end.
  5. by   ironica01
    2 of the nurses I know received calls from RWJUH already but did not pick up their phones once they saw its the hospital calling them knowing that they will be asked to cross the picket. The hospital is so desperate looking for nurses to work this weekend.
    We will lose things of course once the negotiations resume, but the fact that we stood and fought together is a big accomplishment. this only tells you that we are UNITED and we will not allow any intimidations from the higher ups to break us.
  6. by   adawg67
    Go health care workers! I admire and encourage all healthcare workers to stand up for themselves and their patients. All the rest---well hey there are Codependant Anonymous meetings for you.
    Striking is always a last resort and something that is never voted on lightly by the members of a union. ...and management always has time to come to the table and settle. The law mandates that healthcare workers- not just RN's ---as providing healthcare is a team effort...have to give 10 days notice to the employer before going on strike.
  7. by   mekrn
    To my fellow RWJ nurses::wink2:

    We are almost there! Please, PLEASE don't give up now. They are starting to crumble. The ED is on complete bypass! They cannot take or handle any patients! They are now begging nurses to cross the picket line! WHY WOULD WE DO THAT!? Don't forget, this is the whole point of a strike! They NEED US too much! Do not let them sway you. Be offended if they call you because that means they think YOU are the weak link. YOU ARE NOT! You have done this for 3 weeks and you are strong! We stuck together like glue and look how far we have come!!! Don't turn back now! We are almost there! You can do this! If you need a job, don't be discouraged by local hospitals that refuse to hire us. Go through an agency and you will be working in those very same hospitals tomorrow! Many have already done it. Remember, we want a FAIR contract. Please do not vote yes until one is proposed. I know some will be tempted to vote yes on any crumbs they throw at us just to get back to work. THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE HOPING FOR! We didn't come all this way to give in! As long as we stay strong we will succeed! WE ARE STRONGER THAN EVER AND THE HOSPITAL IS DROWNING!!!!!umpiron:

  8. by   pickledpepperRN
    Build high the bridge from span to span
    Look up fellow nurses, the moment's now at hand
    Join your comrades on the line and don't let them fall
    For in union there's a place for all
    Yes in union there is strength for all
    Build a union with hope for one and all

    Joignez vos camarades sur la ligne, ne les laissez pas tomber.
    C'est dans l'union qu'il y a une place pour tous.

    These are words from singer/actor Ronnie Gilbert's play about the American labour hero, Mother Jones
  9. by   ironica01
    Physicians are moving out their patients from the hospital, the ED is getting bypassed, OR is not making their daily numbers... is this what we wanted to happen? NO!!! but the hospital is just so arrogant, they would rather have the scab nurses take care of our patients for a ridiculous amount of money, pay for their hotel stay and their shuttle bus service. we are just asking for a quality healthcare is that too much to ask?
  10. by   fedupnurse
    The most important issue is this: when administration knows they can abuse you they will. By standing strong as RWJ Nurses have done, they now will have a voice. In the end, the strike I experienced was about just that-nurses still having a voice in patient care. We still do. RWJ Nurses still will. THAT is what it is all about in the end.
  11. by   pickledpepperRN
    Nurses, hospital to meet
    Mediator spurs Tuesday talks

    Home News Tribune Online 09/9/06

    NEW BRUNSWICK-The federal mediator involved in negotiations between officials at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and the nurses union has called the two sides together for a meeting Tuesday in what will be the first official talks since the nurses went on strike Aug. 24, hospital and union officials confirmed....
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  12. by   nyforlove
    It's nice to know the hospital is lacking nurses and therefore must turn business away to other facilities....This means that despite the $60/hr plus bonuses, hotel, travel (+ food?), not many nurses are willing to undermine their own profession....The Company providing the replacement nurses is still advertising for replacements and recent posters here have reported the hospital calling them to come back to work......Check with the Union---it may be illegal for the hospital to contact strikers individually while the dispute is in progress---this, I believe, is partly an ethical issue so that the hospital lawyers don't intimidate individuals....if the hospital and/or its lawyers are encouraging/permitting these contacts to be made by managers, that could be an issue of bad-faith negotiation.....Hang in there!--Thanks for all you are doing to benefit nurses not just locally, but nationwide!

    Quote from nyforlove
    They get them from this company based in Colorado that exists for the purpose of providing replacements--see this thread:
  13. by   tridil2000
    this is a crucial time for the hospital. many of the scab nurses' contracts are expiring and they have to decide to renew them or not at outrageous amount of cash.

    i think if the union can hold out another week to 10 days this will end.