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he heard from a few NURSES here & that caused him to do his homework. Heres his latest article - responding to nurses response to the first one: <<<Pittsburgh Healthcare... Read More

  1. by   mattsmom81
    We can thank Mr Jennings for our next batch of trinkets handed out for a job well done.

    When are they going to look at issues like MOT, short staffing, poor salaries! Lip service is no longer cutting it.
  2. by   sanakruz
    This guy sounds like Trent Lott. "oh gee, I didnt know I would offend ...." Bugger off, Mac
  3. by   sjoe
    "At least this guy paid attention to the mail he got & is making an effort."

    I agree. Let's save the bullets for our multiple enemies, and not immediately fire upon those who are at least trying to understand--and of course he has a long way to go, but perhaps not a longer distance than people who simply assume that:
    1) they understand the CEO's job and
    2) all suits are villains.
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  4. by   MayoRN
    Let's not miss the point...its not just "Jan". We've created our own mess years ago too. SleepyEyes....get some sleep; it may make more sense to you in the morning. Sjoe is right...lets educate someone willing to listen and on our side. I know a lot of administrators who make beds, change residents and help out on the floors and leave their own jobs at 1am, only to start back at 7am. Everyone answers to someone and I've seen administrators who are RN's, get burned out in the past or have had unsafe RNs under them, only to answer for the nursing mistakes too. (I wouldn't want some of us taking care of my family member...look around whats out there and what we're turning out of our schools). Nursing should be a HIGHLY valued profession....but sometimes, we've trashed our own profession enough and let others do the same. We need to take a stand together and "at least talking professionally" to others (use spell check too).
  5. by   eddy

    I honestly can't blame the "suits". I give them as hard a time as anyone (see my signature for example), BUT that is because I am fighting for patient rights plain and simple. They are fighting to make the bottom line ($$$) more palitable to their owners/shareholders. See, the thing is... Both of these "sides" are equally important. Disagree if you want, but the fact is, THERE IS NO EASY ANSWER. You can't simply pay everyone more, you can't simply "staff up" beyond what others are doing. Budgets (those things we never see but never cease to hate) must be adheared to. It's true that a facility is only as good as it's patient care, BUT it is of no good bankrupt. While you and I are trying to figure out how to take better care of our patients, the "suits" are trying to figure out how to squeeze more out of less. They have their job just like we have ours. If they did it poorly in that respect, they would be fired just like us. The true problem lies NOT in the "suits" but in the system. A system that is based on profit-making unfortunately leads to making dollar vs care decisions. Blame ourselves for that. If you have a 401(k) that includes stock in your own facility/corp or if you complain about the high cost of healthcare and refuse to pay more for insurance, you can in part blame yourself too! We invest in our companies to make money (to retire and not live in a "Van down by the river" - Chris Farley hehe). We all want more for less, and as patients ourselves we hate paying so much already for health insurance. Well, it doesn't work that way when it comes to healthcare. Healthcare costs a ton of money. As nurses we have blinders on. We only care about immediate things (taking care of Joe with a GI bleed, or Mary with a bed sore the size of Texas). That's our job, but understand that the "suits" have theirs too, and sometimes that means neither of us get what we REALLY want. I can relate to this in a big way. Have suspisions of eddy being insane? Well I invite you to take a look at the situation I am wrapped up in by checking out the YIKES! post in the Geri forum. I am fighting an administration battle in a big way. Until healthcare is taken out of the hands of the private sector both sides will continue to complain about the other, and both sides will fail to understand that duh BOTH SIDES matter equally.

    .... steps down from the soap box, and falls flat on his face.... grrrr.... hehe....

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  6. by   janrjenn
    Hey . . . I found this guy is now blogging and owns his own company. Check out his attack on a CEO who had his hospital buy two corporate jets!!!