Really interesting NYT article about Mississippi's health care system

  1. and how they're learning from Iran.
    several Iranian doctors and administrators and their wives made their own trip to Mississippi. They were surprised by what they saw: "This is America?" they asked.
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  3. by   pockunit
    There is also a link to a New Yorker article by Atul Gawande (an *excellent* health care writer, btw), about a similar project in NJ. If you have any interest in health care policy and how to make hc available to more people, I urge you to read both of these articles.
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  5. by   pockunit
    Yep, that's the one. Have you read it? It was pretty interesting, and amazing to see how it worked.
  6. by   nurse2033
    Thanks for posting, good article.
  7. by   kcmylorn
    Fabulous articles. What a testament to disease management, case management and health care informatics. it's so simple and common sense- it's brilliant.

    Interesting how small the world of acute care really is. Talk about the big picture.

    I wonder how much support the hospital CEO's will give to this or will they sabotage it- it's stealing their thunder.
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  8. by   ocankhe
    Very interesting articles that high light the basic truths about rising health care costs and how to begin to reduce them. It also b rings to light the impediments to achieving it. Recommend everyone in health care take the time to read these articles as well as spreading them through there social media contacts.
  9. by   kcmylorn
    The beautiful thing about this- these solutions are the brainchilds of Medical Doctors and Public Health Professors NOT MBA's- If that is not proof that these MBA's/business degrees need to get out of our healthcare systems, I don't know what is. And they solved health care problems with out cutting nursing staff- What a concept!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Look Mr/Mrs CEO- that wasn't the answer after all!!!! Now- just what did we buy( spend billions of health care dollars) for those mega million salaries????????????????? A GREEDY looser with no battery life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They can't sing, they can't dance and their noses don't blink. They spin tales and syphon money away from people who really need it. They diverted it!!

    Their business ways are not fixing anything. The patients are still just as sick if not worse until they die.

    Leave healthcare to the 'healthcare professionals'- it's a whole different animal. These MBA's are out of their league!!

    It's time to clean out the board rooms, clean out the bedrooms and the big guy at the top's chair and let them take their little friends in the finance and PR dept's with them. I'm still driving the paddywagon- door to door!

    We just need a few healthcare background/educated professionals who actually give a damn.
  10. by   Chisca
    Thanks for posting that up, really interesting but I was left wondering why the health practitioners felt they couldn't enlist another resource available to them, churches? Religion is a central part of southern culture and one more resource that should be used.