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I was reading up on Florence Nightingale and the history of nursing. It seems to me that Mary Seacole is a better role model for modern nursing. She pushed the limits of her time without the... Read More

  1. by   pickledpepperRN
    I think and hope you are right. We probably agree.
    Your posting in a debate style both creates interest and argument.
    Just like I learned in second semester college English class four decades ago.

    This "Timeline of nursing history" is incomplete:

    I was so excited to hear voices from the history books too!
  2. by   Miss Ludie
    I hope one realizes that this isn't an either/or subject. It's like comparison of do you like oranges or a visit to the mountains. We can have all without giving up any one of them. When I was at university we had an entire 4 hour semester course in Nursing History. Do they not do that anymore?

    And Timothy what is a pedastool?
  3. by   Tweety
    Quote from ZASHAGALKA
    That image (not the reality of FN) was constructed for a specific purpose. And, it did not have the autonomy and professionalism of nursing in mind.

    I agree that "images" and reality rarely, if ever, jive. I'm not sure who constructed FN's image, but
    automony and "professionalism" weren't even invented then, especially not for females, so I can't see getting all judgemental on them or her. Even for the men, it was follow the King, Duke, Earl, or landowner.

    Florence may not have wanted to advance "nursing" to a modern autonomous practice, her focus was on the soldiers, and she made a difference, saving hundreds of lives through nursing interventions. Plus, the had she brains to document it through statistics. Providing the first solid proof that nurses make a difference in peoples lives. To me she's worthy of a spot of honor in the history of nursing.

    BTW, while she's mentioned and studied, she isn't the sole focus of nursing history as you accuse. At least not in the course I recently took. And not on the history timeline Space provided.

    I take no exception to your wanting to knock FN off her pedastal, but your reasons why are a bit baffling to me.

    Didn't I say I was through with this thread?
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