Contacting your State Senator

  1. Hello all! I just thought I'd share some positive feedback that I got after e-mailing my state senator, Richard Lugar, about staffing issues for Nurses. I wrote to him after reading a post on this board about 2 weeks ago (maybe less) about all of the bills that are stuck in subcommittees. These are bills that support Nurses in a variety of ways, that have gone nowhere in the House of Representatvies, and in the Senate. The letter that I received in response was NOT a form letter, and actually responded to my specific concern- the shortage of nurses, and the ability hospitals have to understaff without consequences, etc. etc. He listed specific things in his letter that he is working on to help Nurses! I thought it was a very thoughtful response, and it gave me hope that maybe our government really does hear us, although they may not respond as quickly as we may like. I would encourage you all to write to your government officials to encourage passing of bills and laws that assist Nurses in providing quality care. There may be a small ray of hope... You know how it goes...the squeeky wheel...
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  3. by   oramar
    I was somewhat at a loss because due to redistricting my representation had changed. My former representative had an office near by to which I could actually hand deliver stuff. Through links provided here I have been able to find out that Dave Levdansky is my new rep. I have heard from him and he supports HB 2742. I also see that PASNAP supports him for re-election.
  4. by   renerian
    That is great you got a personnal letter. I have never gotten anything but a form letter. I know the Docs are meeting at the Columbus statehouse today to protest high malpractice insurance rates. Some are paying 400,000 per year. Wow I am glad my insurance does not cost that!!!!!

  5. by   jnette
    That's GREAT, OB/GYN NP!!!

    I've sent out BUNCHES of letters myself the past couple of weeks, and I, too, wonder how much of this they actually read.

    But regardless, it's important we keep making our voices heard.
    Thanx for the encouraging news !
  6. by   dianah
    I emailed two senators about the nursing shortage and bills in subcommittee limbo. Received the following responses:
    One form email letter re: nursing shortage.
    One form email letter thanking me for my concerns about the conflicts with Iraq and whether we'll be sending our "sons and daughters" to war.


    I sent the second this reply: "I received your reply about Iraq concerns. However, I emailed you with concerns about the nursing shortage."

    Don't feel like wasting my time again, if my opinions aren't taken seriously enough to warrant a pertinent reply.

    Yes, I realize this was probably a fluke, considering replies others (above) have received. Nevertheless, it's discouraging. -- D
  7. by   -jt
    LOL! I sent my Congressman a ton of letters all year. Never heard from him on any of them. The week before election day I sent him an email telling him that apparently my concerns as an RN & potential patient were of no interest to him because he has not replied to one letter I sent on the shortage of nurses who are willing to work at the bedside today. Nor has he replied to my request for info on where he stands on any of the bills we have in committees in Congress that would rectifiy the working conditions, etc, to solve this "shortage". Nor has he responded to my query about why his name is not listed as a sponsor on any of the many ANA writen and/or supported bills to reverse this public health crisis. Therefore I was no longer voting for him & was voting for his opponent who had been given The Working Families party endorsement. Two days later I got a letter in the mail from him. Telling me all about this new law - the Nurse Reinvestment Act. Funny..... I had been lobbying him for a year to support that Act & have now been lobbying him to provide funds to the new law. Now hes telling me there is a new law. Geeezzz...... The guy has got to get with the program.