Clairol commercial misrepresents nurses

  1. I saw the most ridiculous insulting commercial for Clairol Herbal Essence on TV last night: There is a pt lying in a bed, with a woman dressed in white sitting next to him. All of the sudden she gets a whif of some Herbal Essence and leaves the pt to go and wash her hair in the adjoining bathroom. She is overcome with joy due to the shampoo experience and pays no attention to the cardiac monitor that starts to alarm. I am very offended because the general public will assume that this woman is a nurse, and sherking her responsibilities. I don't know about you, but I barely have time to pee, let alone wash my hair at work. Someone, (I am too lazy to do it) needs to call for some boycott of Clairol or something!!!!!
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  3. by   Gator,SN
    there is another thread like this too.
  4. by   Geeg
    What category is it under? Sorry for the reduncancy!!!!!!
  5. by   Gator,SN
    oops, I thought I had the link the first time, can't get it to work! .....its in off-topic just conversation:
    screw off erbal essence shampoo people.

    You're right...these people that make commercials are idiots!
  6. by   ERNurse752
    Ah, but we are not alone any longer.

    There's a commercial, maybe? Anyway, two female police officers pull this guy over, smell him or look at him or some sort of thing, go wild over him, and start frisking his bare chest, moaning, get the picture! Very helpful to the image of women who are cops!
  7. by   Geeg
    Please email to protest. Hey, Nightingales went off the air, right?????
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  9. by   sjoe
    The goal of the commercial is to make enough of an impact that viewers remember the NAME of the shampoo, which you did. So it was successful.

    (Sorry to hear you don't have time to wash your hair at work like the rest of us.)
  10. by   RNonsense
    I saw it, it was stupid. Only part that was funny was when they both screamed.
  11. by   traumaRUs
    I wanna work with SJoe - you must have time for everything at work!!!
  12. by   sixes
    I've seen both commercials. Hubby thnks the are +++++funny.
    He wants too know how we have time to wash are hair at work when with 5 teenage boys I barely have time to wash my hair at home.
    We won't be buying any of there products
  13. by   MishlB
    It doesn't bother me. I know what I do at work.
  14. by   Texagain
    That one doesn't bother me any more or less than any of their other stupid commercials. All of those shampoo commercials are moronic. I can't believe they got past the quality control people in the advertising department. P-U.