Chronic nursing shortage affects patient care, puts pressure on nurses

  1. Posted on Tue, Jul. 15, 2003

    Chronic nursing shortage affects patient care, puts pressure on nurses
    The Kansas City Star
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  3. by   live4today
    Karen, this article spells out the perfect rationale to why nurses are frustrated with inhospital nursing today. Exactly why I am feeling sick and tired of the abuse we put up with.

    Nursing will not make a positive turnaround until more and more men enter the field my hold the key to the profession because they know how to be more "business savvy" and are much more organized in the workforce than women. They know how to draw the proper attention to a problem on the job than women do.

    Many may disagree with me on this, but as I stated above....this is my opinion as I view it and deal with the nursing issues today.

    I couldn't believe that the nurse in that article stated she thought her pay was "good". Oh my! Has she lost her mind or what? Nooooooooo....the pay is NOT good! The wages for women are extremely low, and nursing wages may be good compared to minimum or above minimum wage, but even those wages suck to high heaven.

    Our country as a whole is NOT addressing the economical needs of it's people which is why only 1% of the population benefit with more riches than they need or know what to do with. The other 99% suckers are not being listened to. Not just in nursing, but in every employment aspect.

    Thanks for posting this article for us to read. Now, if only "TPTB" (the powers that be) would get a backbone and stand up for the impoverished hard working percentage of us who so desperately need a strong courageous voice in the government to say "No more! Enough with the abuse of the hardworking class!" then perhaps we'd be able to turn our country around to a fair place to live economically speaking.

    Sorry, I'm on a roll! Darn is very very early in the morning and I'm sooooooooo wound up from pulling two twelves the past two days I can't even sleep. I'm very very very concerned about what I am witnessing and living on my job because it's not just where I work, but everywhere which is so evident from those who post here, and from the articles about the nursing issues confronting us today such as the one you posted. How do I rest from all this? What things can I do to shake up the powers that be to get them to pay attention and get their head out of their you know what?
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  4. by   VickyRN
    I'm sorry you're going through this Renee. It is very tough out there. You will be in my thoughts and prayers today.
  5. by   teeituptom
    Hmmmmmmm interesting
  6. by   altomga
    Nurses get paid well??? Not hardly!! Yes I am a nurse b/c I want to care for people that are sick...but I need to make money to live and raise my children...
    Look at all the jobs we do rolled into one....Nurse, social worker, discharge planner, teacher to orientees, mentor, charge nurse, family mediator, pt rep, and the list can go on........
    Do we get paid a wage that reflects what we actually do?? NO is the answer....
    People don't want to go into nursing b/c of the payscale, unappreciation directed towards us, and burn out rate from being overworked......
    I am currently working on my 7th out of 8 straight 12hr days...(yes I need the money!!!) I don't like to work short staffed and my co-workers don't either.....My floor is hard and with sick as snot people...vent's, gtt's, a-lines, etc....Fortunately I suppose the ratio is always 1:4...but sometimes it takes two nurses for one pod..the primary and float charge to really take care of the patients....
    The nursing shortage is not going to end anytime soon........The pay does not attract people to it's not a glamorous job either #2........Seldom do you receive any recognition for doing a good job either. #3.........
    Even if someone really wants to be a nurse they aren't stupid......
    they can get and easier job with far better wages.....
    We aren't greedy people I think, we just don't like be unappreciated by the powers that be................
    Is it worth it when you do get a thank you or compliment from a family member or pt....YES definately.....personally, but it doesn't pay the bills and leave much left over does it??

    I love being a nurse and would never do anything else (we are crazy like that aren't we) But not everyone is willing to scrape by in life for something they "like" doing.....

    I hate that people you do plumbing make more money that we do!!!! Think of all the jobs that pay more....there isn't a comparison of what job carries a heavier risk of messing up another persons life....We save LIVES EVERYDAY, but it doesn't seem to matter...

    Okay I am rambling, must be tired.....This debate will continue and nurses will continue to burn out and leave and others will not fill all the positions.........
    When will society and those that can make changes open their mouths???? Because it doesn't seem anyone is listening to us "THE NURSES!!!"
  7. by   canoehead
    Nursing LOOKS like any fool could do it- that is our problem. We need some obscure tool that has lots of buttons to wave around- like a Star Trek tricorder.

    The guy who troubleshoots our moniters charges $1000 just for coming out. Nurses do the same dam thing with the pt still attached for $20/hour, why? Because he has the cool beeping do-hickey.

    Someone should write the nursing advocacy folks.