Catch this:Sharon Stone Named Recipient of the Healthcare Humanitarian Award for 2002

  1. how have i somehow missed sharon stone's humanitarin works????? this winner does not appear to be in same class as previous winners posted; or is this a publicity stunt to draw attention to this award????
    how about giving the award to dr fazi of cdc who spearheaded much of aids information over the past two decades...... or peter ugvenski rn ?sp of vna of ny---aids educator and author....imo.

    from healthleaders sponsored press releases:

    global conference institute, april 17, 2002
    contact: deborah ziskind
    tel. 412/688.8973 or

    sharon stone named recipient of the global conference institute's healthcare humanitarian award for 2002

    sharon stone, champion in tbe battle against aids, to be honored at awards tribute and dinner gala as highlight of 4th world healthcare conference how policy is influencing healthcare and medicine, april 22 &23, 2002 at the university of chicago.

    pittsburgh, pa april 17, 2002....... actress sharon stone, leading healthcare advocate and chairman of the campaign for aids research, the american foundation for aids research, has been named this year's recipient of the global conference institute's healthcare humanitarian award. the award, which was established in 1998, recognizes one individual in the world who has demonstrated a profound commitment and devotion to healthcare and humanitarianism, has enhanced the quality of lives through his or her work, and has influenced the course of history through ongoing contributions to healthcare and medicine.

    ms. stone, a champion in the battle against aids, will be honored at a special awards tribute and dinner gala when she is presented the global conference institute's healthcare humanitarian award at the university of chicago on april 22, 2002.

    deborah s. ziskind, president & chairman of the board of the global conference institute, will pay tribute to sharon stone, her tireless commitment and devotion to aids research as the american foundation on aids research's chairman of the campaign for aids research, her leadership in the battle against aids, particularly in the area of research and education, fundraising, education and awareness, and ms. stone's monumental contributions to world healthcare and humanitarianism.

    "in view of the countless and extraordinary efforts that you have demonstrated in healthcare humanitarianism and world medicine in both your national and international work for aids research and other related causes, the leadership you continue to provide in raising the awareness level and heightening the understanding of aids across the globe, your dedication and commitment to others, and the many lives you have touched based on your extraordinary record of advocacy and tireless work, it is truly an honor to recognize you as our honoree and recipient of the global conference institute's healthcare humanitarian award for 2002," said deborah ziskind to sharon stone.

    "i am extraordinarily honored to receive this award given that my personal goal is to help those that are making an effort to do good works in the world. my affiliation with such people has been, for me, a journey of illumination, caring, compassion and most important, simplicity because at the root of every human being, and i mean every, is a loving heart," said sharon stone to deborah ziskind.

    the awards tribute and presentation honoring sharon stone and ms. stone's speech following the awards presentation and tribute will be a special highlight of the global conference institute's 4th annual world health conference how policy is influencing healthcare and medicine, april 22 & 23, 2002 at the university of chicago. leaders from the provider, government and corporate industry sectors who are shaping policy in healthcare and medicine will gather to hear up to the minute briefings on policy programs and initiatives affecting change, our nation's health, medical research particularly in the areas of cancer and aids, and the economics of both the provider and corporate industry sector. program highlights will include how bioterrorism is shaping healthcare policy, the update from washington, how policy is affecting the corporate employer, life under hippa, conquering cancer, initiatives shaping public policy and medical research and the future of the economy.

    leo m. henikoff, m.d., one of the country's most preeminent physicians and leading thinkers on healthcare and medicine and past president and trustee of rush-presbyterian-st. luke's medical center in chicago, is honorary conference chair.

    philip randolph lee, m.d., one of the foremost healthcare leaders and scholars of our time, will deliver the keynote address.

    renowned psychiatrist ivan c. a. walks, m.d., chief health officer for the district of columbia, will address how bioterrorism is shaping public policy. dr. walks continues to be instrumental in developing proactive programs and intervention in response to bioterrorism and the threats to our nation's health.conference chairs are richard f. corlin, m.d., president, the american medical association, and glenn d. steele, jr., m.d., president & ceo, geisinger medical center. dr. steele will address unlimited scientific opportunity in a time of shrinking clinical margins.

    pfizer inc. is the leading corporate sponsor of the global conference institute's 4th annual world healthcare conference and is the corporate underwriter of the global conference institute's healthcare humanitarian award. corporate sponsors are acusis, healthleaders and neuberger berman trust corporation. special thanks to american airlines and andavo travel.

    for more information and to register, see

    past recipients of the global conference institute's healthcare humanitarian award are transplant pioneer thomas e. starzl, m.d., ph.d., heart pioneer and leading scientist, michael e. debakey, m.d., and nancy goodman brinker, founder, the susan g. komen breast cancer foundation.
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  3. by   moonrose2u
    what rock have i been under? i have missed all of sharon's humanitarian work. When i first read the headlines i thought maybe she earned a reward for wrestling the komono dragan to the ground..

    what media has listed all of these accomplishments of hers?

    funny, i haven't heard anything at all about this.

    am i the only one?
  4. by   hapeewendy
    I'm sitting here pondering the humanitarian aspect of one mrs sharon stone and the closest thing I could come up with was that it was mighty nice of her to show her privates on a movie screen to help all those undersexed young males fantasize
    aside from that I dont get it!!!!!!!!!!

    how exactly is she a champion in the battle of AIDS? doesnt the word champion imply a winner or a victory of sorts?

    that acceptance speech was something though
    maybe she really is a good actress!
  5. by   nightingale
    I must have sneezed and missed something.... duh....

    Like my Dad used to say.. What is this world coming to?
  6. by   prn nurse
    You all missed her message. What did she say her goal was? What did she say about being affiliated with________? You all obviously have never been invitees/attendees of an AIDS / charity fund-raiser where there are corporate Platinum tables that sell for upwards of $100,000. Then there's the Diamond, Gold, Silver, etc., tables. Then, peons who buy tickets for $1,000. The $100,000 donors attend a pre-dinner exclusive social and there they meet the person who has lent their name and presence for these charity fund raisers, and have their pictures taken with the celebrity. I am quite sure, that if you checked, at the very least , Ms. Stone has spent many hours in the Los Angeles area visiting the sick. And at the same time , keeping her personal charity in the media's glare. How many Corporate CFO's and CEO's will commit $100,000 and an evening of their tuxedo time to meet with Ms. Wimple burger...or what ever the others' names are? Do nurses EVER think? Reread Ms. Stones' message. She expresses gratitude for being able to aid the people doing the work, doesn't she??????????????????????????????????????????????? ?
    MEOW !!!
    First of all, I don't doubt her dedication to her causes. I HAVE read many stories of the work she has done for different charities and organizations.

    BUT! Considering the previous recipients of this award, she is WAY out of their league! They have done the work! For these people, their causes were their work, not a hobby, something they do when their not making movies and could use the publicity.

  8. by   CATHYW
    Gag me! How could she "improve healthcare?"
  9. by   prn nurse
    By raising millions for research, same as Liz Taylor did in the 90's.
  10. by   nightingale
    This is Liz's Award in "93"

    Liz Taylor
    Liz started acting when she was 10, and since she has become one of the most well-known, well-respected actresses of our time. In 1993, she won the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award for her AIDS activism.


    1. This award shall be given to an individual in the motion picture industry whose humanitarian efforts have brought credit to the industry.

    Global Conference Institute's Healthcare Humanitarian Award

    The Global Conference Institute's Healthcare Humanitarian Award was established in 1998 to recognize on an annual basis the one individual in the world who has demonstrated a profound commitment and devotion to humanitarianism, has enhanced the quality of human lives through his or her work, and has influenced the course of history through ongoing contributions in healthcare and medicine, public service, business, the entertainment industry or any other given field of the honored individual's given field of expertise.
    Past recipients include liver transplant pioneer, Thomas E. Starzl, M.D.; leading scientist and heart pioneer and founder of the MASH units, Michael E. DeBakey, M.D., and Nancy Goodman Brinker, founding Chair, The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and U.S. Ambassador to Hungary.

    Last year's Recipient-

    Nancy Brinker - Recipient of the of The Global Conference Institute's 2001 Healthcare Humanitarian Award.
    Nancy Brinker is the Founder of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and Race for the Cure. The Komen Foundation was established in 1982 to honor the memory of her sister, Susan, whom she lost to the disease in 1980. The Race for the Cure was created the following year in an effort to raise community awareness and local funding for breast cancer education and scientific research. Today, the Race for the Cure is the world's largest 5K race series, with almost one million people participating in 109 cities nationwide. Since its inception, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation has raised more than $300 million and has become the nation's largest funder of research dedicated solely to breast cancer.
    Nancy has advocated women's health issues in congressional hearings, served under Presidents Reagan and Bush on the National Cancer Panel and under Vice President Quayle monitoring research, progress and development in the fight against breast cancer. She has testified before the United States Democratic Policy Committee's Congressional Breast Cancer Forum, and participated in the International Women's Forum. She currently serves as a Collaborating Partner for the National Dialogue on Cancer, and is a member of the National Cancer Action Advisory Committee.
    Nancy is a national spokesperson for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and makes personal appearances year round for the cause. She sits on the Board of Directors of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, U.S. Oncology, Inc. and Manpower, Inc. In addition, Nancy is involved with several non-profit boards including the New York University School of Medicine Foundation Board, the Harvard Center for Cancer Prevention Advisory Board, and the Hollings Cancer Center Advisory Board.
    Over the past decade, Nancy Brinker has been recognized nationally and internationally with various honors, titles, and awards, among them: the 1999 Humanitarian of the Year Award by the Republican Women's Leadership Forum, Ladies' Home Journal's 100 Most Important Women of the 20th Century, the Jefferson Award for Greatest Public Service by a Private Citizen, the NBCAM Lifetime Achievement Award, and the prestigious Cino del Duca Award for international achievements in support of cancer research. Most recently, Nancy was awarded the Champion of Prevention Award by the National Foundation for the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, and was the honored recipient of The Global Conference Institute's 2001 Healthcare Humanitarian Award.
    A breast cancer survivor herself, Nancy has drawn from her own experience to author and co-author The Race is Run One Step At A Time and Woman's Day's 1000 Questions About Women's Health, respectively. She is an active public speaker and addresses topics ranging from patient advocacy, development of a healthy mind and body, growing a successful non-profit organization and "earning from the heart." Nancy Brinker has been seen on the national media circuit on morning talk shows, feature news stories and primetime programming.

    This Year's Recipient-

    Sharon Stone, Actress
    Chairman, Campaign for AIDS Research
    American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR)
    Sharon Stone, leading healthcare advocate and a champion in the battle against AIDS, is Chairman of the Campaign for AIDS Research for the American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR). Since accepting this key volunteer position with amfAR, Ms. Stone has worked tirelessly to heighten the awareness of HIV/AIDS to underscore the urgent need for continuing AIDS research. At the United Nations on World AIDS Day 1995, Sharon Stone announced that she had accepted the invitation to serve as Chairman of amfAR's Campaign for AIDS Research. In 1998, she renewed her support of amfAR's vital, innovative research programs by vowing to continue as campaign chairman until a safe and effective AIDS vaccine is developed. Through personal appearances, benefit premieres of her movies and other special events, Ms. Stone has directly helped amfAR raise major contributions and has broadened the Foundation's access to urgently needed research dollars. A dedicated fundraiser, Ms. Stone has hosted many events including amfAR's Season of Hope at which she joined the Foundation in paying tribute to Clive Davis, Tom Hanks and Barbara Walters for their contributions to the fight against AIDS (raised $2 million for AIDS research programs), Cinema Against AIDS 1998 at The Cannes Film Festival and Cinema Against AIDS Venice (August 2000) at the Venice Film Festival.

    Though The Globe Award does state it could honor those in the film industry, I am having a hard time comparing Sharon's dedication with that of last year's recipient and certainly the previous recipients dedication and merits. I am sure the program has benefited from the gazillion dollars but..... come on....

  11. by   hapeewendy
    my comment came from the fact that I think I could probably list off oh about a GAZILLION people more worthy for this particular award
    we are all allowed to have opinions
    and I dont think she was deserving
    she may be ultra cool, give to charity
    try to help AIDS patients and donate money and whatnot but its my opinion
    and I'm entitled to it
    difference of opinion my friend, just a difference of opinion
    I respect what shes done, but dont find it anymore outstanding then what others have done.....
    and certainly less outstanding then some other people that come to mind...

    and the whole thing about do nurses ever think....
    sure we do, I thought for a good three minutes before I deemed someone else better for this award than sharon stone.
    do you know how much time she devotes to visition AIDS patients offhand?
    cuz I'd be interested to know.....
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  12. by   nightingale
    I guess there are not too many Sharon fans around here...

  13. by   nursejer
    I too never heard of any Sharon STone good deed's. However, this doesn't surprise me. The media has held movie stars and athletes to be hero's and humanitarians.It doesn't take much effort to give to charity(especially if you make millions). Unfortunatly it took an event like 9-11 for them to realize who the true heros and humanitarians are.
  14. by   Rustyhammer
    I must be out of touch (I really am if the truth is known) cause I can't even recall seeing any of her movies. I think I would have remembered seeing someone show their privates. Perhaps I just watch different movies.