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  1. Do you use a back brace to support your lower back or waist?
    I have been feeling back pain and using "ThermaCare Lower Back & Hip Heat Wraps". Is there anything you use can help me speedy recovery?
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    Sounds like an issue that should be addressed with your care provider as we cannot provide medical advice.
  4. by   HiFive
    The injury happened during my 12 hr shift. I went to see a dtr and was suggested to use thermacare heat wraps. But I need to feel better soon. So I am asking if you as a nurse, did you use something special daily to support your back?
  5. by   Wuzzie
    I'm sorry but we are not allowed to dispense medical advice on this site and it's generally discouraged even in our private lives. You need to follow up with you primary care doctor. All the best.
  6. by   subee
    Back yoga. Few doctors know about it. I worked with chemically dependent nurses who usually were prescribed copious amounts of opiates for work injuries. The most successful nurses particles in a back care program so I eventually tried it myself. Learning how to take care of your skeleton and muscles may take a good year but you can get prevent little problems from becoming big ones if you learn the skills it takes. Keep moving is my best advice. Avoid prolonged sitting or lying down. And see a doctor to make sure that nothing serious is going on. Welcome to the bad back club.
  7. by   Silverdragon102
    As mentioned as per the Terms of Service of the site we cannot offer medical advice. Please speak with your PCP.

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