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Hello everyone, I have always had an interest in nursing, due to the fact that many of my immediate family are in the healthcare field. It is my dream to become a Nurse. I took the TEAS and was... Read More

  1. by   hlr2752
    Well, that is the thing, this woman is over the student support services. Shes the one supposed to be helping me, but instead shes trying to hold my head under water. She has also been ignoring my attempts to contact her for the past three weeks (all meetings must be scheduled ahead of time). I fully intend on seeking legal advice if I keep getting blown off and just expected to go away like a case of the sniffles.
  2. by   SunnyPupRN
    OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! I didn't realize this flippin' fool was from support services! WOW! Off to Legal you go! I'm really sorry.
    Before that, though, I would go to the main college, whoever is above her. SOMEONE is above her.
    GOOD luck!
  3. by   hlr2752
    yeah, I should have clarified that earlier on. But she was supposed to be working along side the nursing department in order to see if I could retest for the TEAS with my accommodations and both of the people from the different departments have just stopped corresponding with me at all. I think they just really don't know how to deal with my situation because she said " the dilemma is that one of the requirements for the nursing program is that you be able to solve problems without the use of a calculator". My first cousin is the director of surgery at a major hospital and he has even told me that there isn't a nurse on his floor that don't do their dosages without a calculator and even then they get another nurse to look over the calculations for accuracy sake. So they can't play the whole 'a calculator in the work place isn't practical' bit. I just can't believe I'm being held back not because of my grades, but because of the same thing I've had to deal with my entire elementary, middle, and high school career....
  4. by   hlr2752
    Alright guys, I figure it is time for an update. I have fought with my current college for about a year over this problem. I finally came to an agreement with admissions that I could take my TEAS exam at another college with my accommodations. Well, I took it...... this time I PASSED! with well above what was required.

    Here comes the kicker. I have all of my supplemental classes squared away and then some; to sum it up, I have a 3.7 GPA, passed my entrance exam, and have all prerequisites and all of the classes that go along with the program done other than the core nursing classes. I get a letter saying that I should retake the test at THEIR college to better my chances of admission..... I know for a fact that they have let people in that have the minimum 2.5 gpa, barely passed the TEAS and have NO supplemental classes done. I was told BY THE DEAN OF THE PROGRAM that " due to the fact that accommodations aren't allowed on the NCLEX, I am not going to admit you to the program to fill a slot" and that " there are no accommodations when someone is in the ER dying; if it was one of your family members, you'd understand." they never had any intentions of letting me into the program because they fully expected me to fail and go away like a case of the sniffles

    I promptly wrote a letter to the president of the college stating the facts: I had a psych evaluation at my own expense to get an official diagnosis, I went to a different college (which they referred me to) to take my TEAS exam (Which they had set up for me in ONE DAY; why the hell it takes the college i'm currently at a year to do anything resembling progress is beyond me), I passed and exceeded the requirements on the entrance exam, proved through a PDF from the manufacturers of the NCLEX that they DO allow accommodations, have all of my classes taken with the exception of the actual nursing classes, and have a well-above minimum GPA and that I would pursue legal action if nothing is done based on the fact that this is blatant discrimination.

    Needless to say, they are going to reevaluate my case and carefully consider my admission to the program this May!
  5. by   MarineRN1
    That is not true! You can have accommodation for the NCLEX!!! don't let any one tell you different.
  6. by   Piglet08
    You're going through a real trial by fire, aren't you? Nursing will be lucky to have you when you come out on the other side of this.
  7. by   AubreyJane
    I know this is an older post but I think it's an important reminder to nursing programs/schools and to student with learning disabilities that you have rights protected under the Civil Liberties Act as well as the Americans with Disabilities Act. If for some reason your school won't cooperate with you, don't worry about a lawyer, simply go to the US Department of Education website and fill out their online complaint form. Someone will contact you and they will help you get it done. Of course, it is much quicker to work with your school faculty, but when the "big guys" aren't willing to listen/assist that is what the US Dept. of Ed. is for. I had to request their services too due to a similar issue and after some long mediation phone calls with a legal mediator from the Dept. of Ed. office and her actually flying down to my university to meet with me and the university president, we got things straightened away.

    Never give up and NEVER surrender. If you know you are meant to do this, nothing will stop you. The field of nursing and medicine need more people like you!
  8. by   Jgm925
    Hi, I to have a LD I have been out of school for awhile I'm 30 the school I go to is helpful but when I met with student support she told me my IEP if to old I need to get a need one. All my per req. are done got all A but in chemistry I got a c+ I have a great GPA. I took the teas v just to see how it was didnt really study I got a 48.7 I need a 58.7 or 68.7 for the programs do u guys think a 48.7 is bad? Also what type of test do I need to get to receive extra time and a quiet room or could I get a letter from a social worker or psychologist etc. also I already have a college degree in programming and I took a CNA program I have my CNA lisense to.

    Any help on what I need to do would be great not sure how to get the extra time for nursing school and when I have to take the nclex
  9. by   mee9mee9
    to the posters how did you learn in science classes with having a learning disability?
  10. by   Been there,done that
    I literally forget that I will be getting paid for being a nurse when I daydream about working."

    This thinking reflects a fantasy of the real world of nursing. Nursing is hard, brutal physical work. it is emotionally
    and physically exhausting.

    You feel you would test better in a quiet environment.

    There is no such thing as a quiet environment in nursing. You are bombarded with alarms, patient , family and doctor demands... and need to switch focus on a dime. Your math calculations MUST be fast and precise.

    You won't receive any help from :academic advisors, backers, lawmakers,etc. when you are running around a fast paced unit with a crashing patient.
  11. by   Glycerine82
    Awwww don't feel ashamed! I am LD as well and I'm really just starting to truly learn about it now, in my adult life. I'm not even sure of the name of it but it has to do with visual/spacial difficulties. I have a hellll of a time in math but I excel in English.

    What i've had to do is just say "Ya know what, this is NOT my fault, I did NOT do this to myself" It takes me awhile to grasp different concepts when it comes to math, but I am absolutley capable and so are you! Use whatever resources you have available to you and don't be afraid to ask for help. I've found that by re-learning some of the basics I have an easier time with the more advanced stuff.

    Anywyas, I just wanted to say you aren't alone, you can totally do it and don't give up!

    Just noticed this is an ancient thread.....oops
  12. by   AngelBeat19
    I feel ashamed too for having a disability I kinda give up on nursing .
  13. by   AngelBeat19
    I'm not giving up on nursing