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  1. hlr2752

    Getting into a nursing program with a L.D.

    Just done the Pearson vue trick and got the good pop up. With 75 questions I might add.
  2. hlr2752

    Getting into a nursing program with a L.D.

    Well, it has been a while but I am pleased to announce that I have just gotten my grades from my final semester of nursing school........ I will be attending the pinning ceremony tomorrow. Never lose faith and never give up. I'm proof it can be done.
  3. hlr2752

    I May be in huge trouble....

    I never touch any sort of illegal drugs or anything like that and wouldn't dream of doing anything stupid to jeopardize my nursing career. The thought of ruining this opportunity is absolutely horrifying to me. I appreciate you all taking the time to respond.
  4. hlr2752

    I May be in huge trouble....

    okay guys, I just recently got accepted to a nursing program. With that being said, I am very worried about something on my medical record. Now, please, try to be gentle as I openly admit this was a huge mistake on my part and a isolated incident. I tried synthetic marijuana on 2010; this also landed me in the ER. Could this ban me from the Nursing program? It isn't an illegal substance (It should be, I wholeheartedly believe) but it does show poor judgment on my part. I am very embarrassed and ashamed of myself for this but I will be the first to admit that I made a huge mistake. Will this ruin my chance at getting through my program? or do they even look into your medical history for this purpose. Again, Please don't be too harsh on me in your replies; I have to look at myself in the mirror every morning and carry this burden on a daily basis. I'm just very worried that this mistake will compromise my future in the healthcare field. Thank you all for your time, hlr2752
  5. hlr2752

    FUNNY Nursing Notes~

    My mom caught this one before it actually got to the doctor. "pt has p***Y discharge" pertaining to an infected wound.......
  6. hlr2752

    How to NOT interview for your RN/LPN job!

    Just for curiosity sake; can one be overdressed for an interview? Now, I'm not talking tuxedo here, but would a nice business suit be a little too much or should I go a bit more casual? I just wonder because I am starting some volunteer work in the near future at a cancer center and this happens to be at the hospital that I would like to work for, possibly for the duration of my career (the staff here were excellent when delivering my daughter via emergency c-section). I just don't want to be looked at like a clown.
  7. hlr2752

    background failed for banner!

    if nothing else, perhaps you could get it expunged? Granted, I'm not familiar with the process, but if this is going to be some sort of reoccurring problem, it would be worth a shot. I mean, it was nine years ago and if there hasn't been anything of this sort since, I would say you stand a good chance. I hope everything works out for you.
  8. hlr2752

    Not testing well so far

    there have been some really good suggestions here; you also want to remember that repetition is your friend. My A&P professor stressed reading each chapter three times. Now, I realize this is time consuming, but my practice was to read the chapter three to four times, highlight all of the important info and then, on my fourth read through, note all of my highlighted text (passed both sections with A's). With courses that aren't as demanding as A&P, I am sure that the repetition in itself would help out a lot because studies have shown that cramming just doesn't work. You must familiarize yourself with the chapter by reading it several times; It's very interesting because on the first read-through one is kind of confused and iffy on what all they just covered, by the last one, you will have a much better understanding of it and will pretty much know what is coming up before you even turn the page. Keep us posted & let us know if this helps!
  9. hlr2752

    Problems with the aging nurses

    Now, I am not a nurse, as of yet and I am not exactly classified as an 'older' person at 22. However, I would like to share an instance that would relate to the topic in question. My grandmother is 72 years old; she lives and works on her farm (all 30 acres of it). I live in a different state and the time I get to visit is quite limited, but I digress. This woman gets up at 6:00 am every morning to do her daily routine of feeding/watering the farm animals and generally any other thing that needs doing. She has a Home Health aide that comes and works with her (thankfully) and she wouldn't have it any other way. Her own daughters (who literally live 5 min. away) try to talk her into getting rid of her farm and just resign herself to a life of being taken care of. should she do this, I firmly believe she would just give up. Some people identify with their occupation so deeply that they simply don't know anything else and giving it up would be to give up on themselves. My hat goes off to people like that; they (generally) come from a different time and have very strong values that have been largely made secondary concerns to subsequent generations.
  10. shew..... the waiting is A.W.F.U.L But, God willing, everything will pan out.
  11. It all boils down to how you perceive the situation & how your patient perceives the situation. What I mean is, if you go in to do a procedure and are obviously uncomfortable, the patient is going to pick up on this and will begin to feel the same way; possibly even question your competency. whereas, should you approach the same situation with confidence and a professional mentality, you will be perceived as a professional young man who is serious about a career in the healthcare field. If you are serious about a nursing career, this is a fundamental part of it. You can do it if you truly have your heart set on becoming a Nurse; go for it man....... or not, its totally up to you.
  12. hlr2752

    Anyone waiting on Acceptance/Rejection Letter '2012

    I'll be waiting until April. I hate having to 'hurry up and wait'!
  13. hlr2752

    I really need some advice......may be in trouble

    Yeah, I'm going to go to school as long as I can. I fully intend to take advantage of the RN to BSN through my current school. Thanks for the reply!
  14. I am freaking out because I am 23 and God willing, getting ready to go into a nursing program (I have a 2 year old, am married and wouldn't trade my situation for the world). I have to say that I admire the older generations for going back to school and think it is great to see them in the college that I attend. Some of the people I have class with have been out of school for around fifteen years and they do great for themselves academically. But congratulations on bettering yourselves!!!! look forward to working along side you all as healthcare professionals!
  15. hlr2752

    Needing advice from the AF Nurses out there

    I went into AF Security Forces and I can tell you from my experience that the AF is extremely picky; It took me about 6 months just to get a job prior to shipping out for BMT (and this is the AF's equivalent of infantry) . Every branch is going through intense cuts (to the point of even trying to get some of the senior officers to retire early) so that they can decrease their numbers. Don't take it personal and don't give up if you have your heart set on going in. Maybe even looking into some of the other branches (Army, namely) to see if they have any sort of openings. Although, I know how it is when one has his/her heart set on serving in one branch of the military over the others. Wishing you good luck, hlr2752