Disabled nurses unable to work floor nursing

  1. Hello my fellow nurses. I wanted to ask if anyone has had health issues that prevented them from working? I have been a nurse for 20 years and I have worked med-serg, cardiac, rehab, ER-trauma an burn, wounds, reconstruction. I had a back surgery in 2006 with fusion of L4,L5 and S1 with left hip bone graft. I think I did remarkably well after the surgery but I always had pain/numbness and decreased ROM in the left leg. About a year ago I started to have pain in my left ankle and heel. It progressively got so bad I would come home and cry. I was unable to walk on it without severe pain. I went to an orthopedic surgeon and had an MRI that showed an unstable ankle and a a few torn tendons and swelling with scar tissue. I have worked so hard in my career and now I am probably facing 6 to 8 months of casts, surgery and rehab. I'm not sure what types of jobs are out there that I can do with this ongoing disability. I am 43 years old. I'm to young for this. Is there anyone out there with this same type of problem? Any suggestions would be appreciated.I feel like I will never be able to do the job I love between the back and the foot
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    First there's your spelling which should not have been affected by your accident. If you wish to be a paper nurse, you might have issues here. Second, no one who works a floor, if not a unit, has the time for an extra patient--you. Yes. You will have to be helped and helped quite a bit if you try to do bedside nursing with your physical limitations. Get well enough to carry your own weight, then apply for whatever job you feel capable of doing without help from others. Otherwise you will be a drain on the staff, a very unfair thing to do to your coworkers.

    Try going back to school, get a masters, teach. And if pain and consequent pain medication gets in the way of your teaching students with clarity, please don't teach. But you seem young enough for the challenge of getting your masters, even a doctorate if you're really interested in contributing to humanity in a positive way. Good luck.
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    Im so sorry u too r younger and having so many health and pain issues. Working in the ICU & LTAC destroyed my back to the point ive been off work and in severe pain over a year despite PT, RFA, and many other things from back (disc, ligament, & nerve issues). I know it wouldnt be the same as u r used to but a pediatric private duty case (smaller kid or baby), office or clinic job, triage phone job, insurance nurse, school nurse, and other positions are out there. Dont give up!