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    Disabled nurses unable to work floor nursing

    Hi my name is Sonya. I am an RN too. Yes, I have some physical challenges too. I just turned 60 and have been out of the nursing work force for a while, but I still maintain an active license. I have been trying to figure out some kind of alternative nursing work/career. So, I have been exploring work from home jobs in nursing. There are actually jobs that skilled nurses can do from home. Hedis nursing. In this area of nursing you are basically working remotely from home. You are abstracting information obtained from electronic records and applying them onto records to see if they meet certain standards of care. They help medical insurers ensure that quality care if being maintained. It is easy to research on Google, Indeed.com and Linkedin. Another name is " Medical chart review, Chart abstractors, and Nursing abstractors. Also, I found out about Cancer Registrar and Tumor Registrar careers. They are great careers and the The Labor Department projects these are the latest healthcare careers with great pay and can be work from home jobs too. They require additional training and education, but they can be obtained online. I am adding a link that is an overview of the career and training. If you have a degree all of the online accredited school will accept your credits towards a 12 month or 2 year program. The best of all is you can apply for federal financial aid and the online schools with accept your financial aid to pay for the entire programs. Here are the links to check out: Become a Cancer Registrar Associate and Certificate Programs Cancer Registrar Jobs | Learn How to Become a Cancer Registrar Federal Student Aid Recruitment.pw - The Smart Job Search Engine (This is the best job search engine of all. You can virtually type in any job title and you can get great results for work from home jobs and regular jobs too). Try typing in the search box, "Hedis nursing jobs, RN work from home, Medical chart review jobs, Chart abstraction, etc."