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I would very much like to hear from other nurses with ADHD/ADD! What area of nursing do you work in? What do you love about it? I appreciate all who take the time to answer :) Thanks... Read More

  1. by   Me93RN
    I am a nurse with combined type adhd. I got my rn about 7 months ago. I'm currently working in home care because that's the job I got, but it's waaaay too boring for me. At this point I'm going nuts and I need a hospital job.
  2. by   CanadianRN16
    I'm not sure what my type would be, but probably combined. I had trouble in nursing school paying attention to lectures and in clinical (e.g. during my first med surg placement the nurses complained behind my back for being loud/ excessively, talking out loud while reading charting, and looking 'lost'). After that point, I went on medication.

    Now I work in long term care, and do anything from med pass to 40 residents on the floor to being charge nurse of the 8 floor building, to my current task of implementing a clinical research project. My learned ability of organization/ attention to detail has even come across as a positive to my supervisors. I print out a sheet of my residents and write down everything I have to do/ anything to mention on report/ everything I need to chart. I also constantly write 'to do' lists to reinforce what I need to do/ prioritize. I'm able to maintain my focus if I'm on top of my nutrition/ hydration and sleep.
    I'm fortunate to have found a place that provides enough stimulus to pique my interest and opportunities for learning/ growth!
    I've found a big part of managing innatention symptoms is creating organizational systems for yourself, and getting acclimated to the environment. Once you get enough experience, you figure out what's important to make note of (like how a resident takes meds), and it makes adapting to new environments easier
  3. by   sallyrnrrt
    Critical care
  4. by   Candy Devine
    Help to study when your ADHD
    When you read a paragraph, if you read a word wrong or having trouble with a word, in paragraph! Go back to beginning of the paragraph! Read it without making any mistakes!
    People with ADHD can only remember the words in a paragraph, they had trouble with!
    If you keep starting over, until you can read it with no mistakes! You will have a full understanding on what you read!
    How to slow down, when you feel like going a hundred miles a hour! Eat turkey meat! That will slow you down, healthy choice!
  5. by   PocketSize
    Emergency nursing! Ironically, I'm thorough but get restless if thing a get repetitive or I stay idle for too long. There's always something changing/happening and every shift is a wild card so it keeps you on your toes
  6. by   heavenleiighh
    This is an awesome post!! I'm a student with ADHD completing my nursing prereqs (hoping to get in the Jan 17 semester) I have often wondered if I would even make a good nurse because of the "disorder". I have an extremely hard time focusing in school and find myself wanting to give up every single day and go for an easier degree (like social work). I know I'm not necessarily answering your question but it was nice to know that there are others out there like me, that I'm not alone. Although I'm not quite there yet I thought that mental health would be very ineresting (enough to keep my attention anyway) because I would be helping others who have the same issues I have
  7. by   bornntowanderr
    I went through the denial phase. Graduated high school(barely), dropped out of college twice, completed a semester of Pre Health Science 3 years ago but failed math so I was told to re apply. Horrible at relationships, majority of friends tend to come and go. I was diagnosed with ADHD Combined type in 2013, when I was 21. I'm now rounding 26 and I tried three different meds in the first year before I decided I didn't actually have it. But, I do. I see it everywhere. I notice it all the time, and it makes sense now.
  8. by   ScottyRN1972
    I actually talked to my manager today about this. I have never been diagnosed, but anyone who knows me ,knows I have it. I work in the ICU department. I exercise regularly, have a good diet and handle stress pretty well, but at work, I get very overwhelmed when I can't just finish one thing. I'm always the last one to leave since charting is hard to focus on. I've been a nurse for 13 years, but have never been able to cope well with chaos, but apparently it's not how other people view me. Inside I'm dying from anxiety but look calm on the outside. I get very stressed out on a busy day and feel like I have absolutely let my patients down , although they think I'm great. I feel my charting sucks and I'm always behind. I literally cannot stay on task for more than 30 seconds! This is chronic and getting worse.
  9. by   Me93RN
    Firstly, how did your manager react to the fact that you have adhd?

    And why dont you start meds? Adderall was the best thing I ever did in my life... and I can only say that now because I see the huge difference. Of course each person needs their own medication regimen but if your struggling then give it a try.
  10. by   Fadiyah¹
    I have it. I had it so bad as a child and was in special ed. I graduated LPN school with over a 3.0 without meds but now I'm in clinic and I need something... I am like all over the place lol haha. I am going back to school to get my BSN so Ill go on something after I finish breastfeeding my 8 mo old.
  11. by   deafnurseintx
    I am primarily inattentive ADHD, and currently work in L&D. Lots of action, but only one patient to keep track of.
  12. by   rafik1986
    Do you think a nurse who are recently diagnosed/discovered that he/she has ADHD should reveal/speak about this problem with his teachers and head nurse?
    Or this could affect his/her career?