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  1. deafnurseintx

    stethoscope question

    I use my adult sized scope for mom and baby. I'm HoH and require an amplified electronic stethoscope, which doesnt come in pedi or infant size. It has not impacted my ability to assess newborns. I've been in nursery/ NICU/postpartum/L&D for 6.5 years.
  2. deafnurseintx

    Hearing loss, please help

    I'm legally deaf, have been since childhood. Profound in my right, mild-severe sloping loss in my left (as in, it's a mild loss at some frequencies and severe in others) and I wear a hearing aid on my left, and my right ear is too deaf to be aided. I use an electronic amplified stethoscope. I am 100% oral with some lipreading, and do not sign. I am also an RN, have been for 8 years, and I am currently in L&D, and am in school to be a FNP. It is possible to be in the medical field with a hearing loss. I definitely think you should get in with an audiologist and at least consider an amplified stethoscope, since that seems to be the only area where you seem to struggle. I use a Littmann 3100 stethoscope and it is LOUD. It has 10 volume settings and I use it at level 4-6 depending on the day (level 1 is like 2x amplification). It costs $300-400 depending on where you purchase it from. Much less expensive than a hearing aid. However, Costco has very good hearing aids for a very good price if that is something that you need. I do recommend you check your insurance closely. Mine actually covers my hearing aid up to a certain price. I also recommend hooking up with your local vocational rehab. They can help you with the costs of any equipment you need to do your job. Please don't feel like a hearing loss is the end of the world. It really isn't. There are many accommodations that can be made, through your job, vocational rehab, or even your health insurance. And please don't be ashamed. That implies that hearing loss is shameful, and it's not. The completely-in-canal (CIC) super discreet ones are very expensive and honestly, don't work all that well. I had one for years and honestly, didn't notice a difference when I was wearing it vs not. My mini behind the ear (BTE) works very well and is very discreet. The BTE part is hidden by the pinna of my ear and my hair, and it just has a little wire going into my ear canal, not a big tube. Most people don't know I have it.
  3. deafnurseintx

    Delivery table set up

    Usually our techs set them up, but I will if they are busy. It is done with sterile gloves and draped with a sterile sheet. Our last TJC visit, just 2 months ago, said they're only good for 4 hours, so now we wait until patients are at least 7cm for multips, or 9-10 cm for primips.
  4. deafnurseintx

    ADHD Nurses-what area do you specialize in?

    I am primarily inattentive ADHD, and currently work in L&D. Lots of action, but only one patient to keep track of.
  5. deafnurseintx

    Cochlear implants and stethoscopes?

    Hi, I'm a new poster on AN, have been reading for a while. I know this board isn't very active but I feel this where I can find the specialized answers I need. About me: Legally hearing impaired. 100% sensorineural loss in my right ear, severe sensorineural impairment in left ear. I lost my hearing from meningitis as a toddler. I have been mainstream my whole life as I *usually* can carry on daily functions without even the need for an aid. I do wear a mini-BTE on my left ear that I love. I am also an L&D nurse, formerly nursery/NICU, telemetry/step-down, and ortho trauma. I have been a nurse for 6.5 years, and am in my first semester of my master's, working towards my FNP. My first stethoscope was a Cardionics E-scope. I didn't love it, but it was all that was available in 2008 when I started nursing school. I now use a Littmann Electronic 3100. I can use it with my aid in, but it works better with my aid out. I love it because I use it like a normal stethoscope, and it is really helpful in identifying murmurs in newborns. So now to my question. I have been having serious sinus/allergy issues for the past several months that impact my hearing. What little hearing I do have, goes away completely when my sinuses get clogged. I've been in and out of my ENT's office and they're at a loss. Steroids are the only things that help, but I can't stay on those forever for fear of messing up my adrenal system and putting me at risk for diabetes. My primary ENT told me this morning that cochlear implants are probably in my future. I asked about compatibility with stethoscopes, and he said, "maybe." As in, maybe I might be able to find some compatibility. Does anyone with a CI use a stethoscope, and what kind? Thank you! p.s. any stories about working with patients with a CI, and just any stories/tips about adjusting to a CI, would be great. I've been dreading this and am very anxious about it. I'm a planner by nature, so if I could know what to expect, it would decrease my anxiety. Thank you again.