Nurses with teenagers-do you see them more if you work 3-11 rather than day shift?

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just wondering--they seem to be more awake at midnight than any other time.


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I know kids can get into trouble at any time of the day or night, but I'd rather be home for supper and homework time.


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I work part time midnights 10:30p-7:00a with a 12 and 7 year old. Dayshift would be the more ideal shift that way while theyre at school I'm at work, we eat dinner together and go to bed together.....Midnights is only a good shift when you have to be able to take and pick the kids up for school or want to attend field trips......In my opinion afternoon shift is the worst! As soon as the kids get home you are on your way or already at work, I think all children regardless of age have the most activities going on after school and they need supervision! I think you would miss out on alot working afternoons. Children grow up really fast.

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That shift is good for single people, otherwise not a wise choice for people with kids.

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When my kids were teens I had to work days or the little reprobates stayed out all night or my house was party central. The curfew was easier to keep that way as well. some times in the summer 3-11 was okay but not during school


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3-11 is tough with teenagers because of school activities that might be scheduled in the late afternoon or evening. My second son, who claimed to be uninterested in extracurricular activities, got involved with several sports, drama, choir and school clubs. If I worked night shift I could make most events but if I worked evenings, it was sometimes impossible. In my last job, most of the nurses who worked evenings also had kids the same age and were not willing to trade or pick up shifts because their kids were in the same plays, sports, concerts.

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Mine is far from being a teen yet, but there is NO WAY I would work 3-11 with a teenager - because I remember what kind of hell I raised in the afterschool hours when I was a teen.

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