Those Kind of Tears That Make Your Throat Burn - page 2

It was a normal shift. I started out with the typical two patients. One stable and one not so much. My not-so-stable patient was a 50-something guy with a wife and 4 kids. He had a massive... Read More

  1. by   2bNurseCai
    Absolutely beautiful. 💔
  2. by   Debilpn23
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. I can't stop crying .
  3. by   liebling5
    How quickly we must "recover" from what has to be a gut-wrenching event like you had.... We must remember to allow ourselves a "moment" to re-charge. I've worked ICU for a few years, and many times, it is like this. I'm sure you wanted to ask, "Are you freakin' serious? I have to admit another patient after THIS?"
  4. by   Girlafraid13
    Beautiful post. This reminds me of a personal life situation. But my mother was being put on hospice when I was a teenager. The nurse who was there before she went onto hospice I will never forget. I don't remember her name or how she looked but I will never forget how she made me feel.
  5. by   Shayboo
    I love it-this is why I'm going into Nursing-to care for people in every aspect. My son has spent so much time in the hospital and a caring nurse could really turn the day around-they are the only connection to the "real world" when you are in there for an extended time.
  6. by   Suckitupbuttercup
    Thank you for this...I am just starting my journey and it is stories like this that solidify why I want to be a nurse. If I can even have half the impact on someone that you had on this woman, I will consider it a success...To be of service to someone in their time of need...Thank you for your impact on this nursing student
  7. by   Brighteyednursygirl
    Thank you for being there for her. Hugs to you, my fellow nurse. I hope you had a good cry and then hugged your family.
  8. by   tabby092
    You are the reason why there are Nurses. Its so hard to put being a nurse and being there for a had shown love, compassion and an angle all in one. In that family life you have really made a difference. If you haven't realized it but you had given her more then what she was needing to move on and you will NEVER be forgotten. I know God will continue to bless you in this field because of your heart and love for others. Continue to share your gift with others.