Nurses laughing so hard...

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  2. Nurses, what are some of the funniest things that has happened to you in Nursing?

    Please share your comments below and share your funny moments in nursing.
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  5. by   dodiewayne
    Love it!! Bahahahaha!
  6. by   Hygiene Queen
    It was Halloween time.
    The next day was "Dress Down Day" (we could wear jeans).
    A coworker misread it as "Dress Up Day" (we could wear a costume).
    We had a huge picture window in our breakroom that faces the employee parking lot.
    The next day, we literally fell over in our chairs, laughing, crying and wheezing as we watch the confused coworker show up in a ridiculous costume.
    Dress Up Day was actually the next weekend.
    Thank goodness that employee (and the big boss) had a good sense of humor.
    Oh, and our elderly residents got a kick out of it too!
  7. by   karimichelle
    I was being orientated at my first Lpn job ever! It was in home health, and there is the 'nurses communication notebook'. I made notes, read it, and every day, at the very end was "hagn"!!! I was too embarrased to ask the other nurse what this "medical" abbreviation was because abbreviations were pounded in my head in nursing school. I googled it, looked in my nursing books, etc....FINALLY, I was so frustrated I started to text my instructor as to WHY we did not learn this important abbreviation, they say it EVERY DAY!! And, broke down and asked the nurse first...She started crying laughing and I turned crimson!!LOL...Obviously, it means "have a good night"!!!