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As nurses, we get a lot of requests. What is the most frequent request in your place of work? https://staticimg.allnurses.com/cartoon/nurses-male-patient.gif Click Like if you enjoyed it.... Read More

  1. by   PMFB-RN
    Quote from big al lpn
    I would like to add to this caption. The male nurse should reply, "yep...but he doesn't want a black one either." I think it is worth discussing where patent rights end and the nurses civil rights begin. Not just about race , but gender, age, and sexual orientation.
    *** In what way would a nurse's civil rights be infringed?
  2. by   uRNmyway
    I agree with PMFB-RN. If my gender, ethnicity, age, wtv makes a patient uncomfortable with receiving my care I would rather gracefully let someone else take care of them than risk being scrutinized and accused of ridiculous things due to this discomfort. I would much rather give my time and energy to someone who WANTS ME to care for them. Not worth the hassle IMO.
  3. by   natnat122
    Quote from anotherone
    What if having only white nurses makes me more comfortable? Why shouldn't that be upheld too? What if that is my culture,
    *rolls eyes*
  4. by   bugya90
    I tend to only want a female provider/nurse for Pap smears and discussing birth control at routine appointments but outside of that I don't care. If it emergency room visit or hospital admission I don't care as long as they make whatever pain or illness get better. My primary doc is actually male and I just see his female pa for the paps. For me it is more to do with being shy and insecure about my body, I just find it is easier to handle the insecurities with another female.
  5. by   ParkerBC,MSN,RN
    I think there are a lot of good posts for this thread. I have been discriminated for being a male (most recently) and for being gay. While it ticks me off, I understand that I am responsible for how I react. People come from varying backgrounds and experiences. Unfortunately, not all have been exposed to diversity and culture. Thus, the only way they know how to react is by requesting what is within their comfort zone; perhaps requesting a female, male, Caucasian, African-American, Asian...you get my point. I am happy to oblige providing staffing permits.

    I think having open dialogue about discrimination is long overdue. I am glad to see a thread is doing just that. It has always been the "elephant in the room." The only way to move forward and grow is by addressing these on-going challenges in an adult and respectful manner. Some of you say having a male nurse isn't a problem. That's great. Some have said they prefer to have a female healthcare provider. That is okay too. Regardless, I think it is important to respect each other's wishes. The definition of discrimination is "unfair treatment of one person or group, usually because of prejudice about race, ethnicity, age, religion, or gender" (Encarta World English Dictionary, 2008). Someone asking for a different nurse because of her sex, race, or sexual orientation is not discrimination. However, purposefully treating the nurse horribly because of her gender, race, or sexual orientation is discrimination.
  6. by   OrealyYouThink
    Dude really?

    You want to cry discrimination? You will lose.

    Ladies like shoes, even nurses. You will lose with the DON if you start like this...

    Come on you don't need to feel or act like this.
    You know what you are doing?
    So what care what others say and think?
    I am not a nurse yet, but I hear a lot of crap while I move along.

    What is YOUR goal?

    YOu're going to step on toes, but YOU will be the first one the run to in a crunch.

    I had a lady TELL me to scrape gum off the ground when I had just got out of the NAVY.

    I look at this UNEDUCATED BRAWD and she was, a high school grad and how she got to a position of authority?

    I told my supervisor, I QUIT, she asked why? I said, "I don't take leadership from a angry woman with a ax to grind and something to prove with me."

    Ex millitary, I have had lady commanders that I would die for...

    "Nobility only comes to those that have the ability to have courage to stand out and not be like the rest!"
  7. by   AJPV
    I'm a male nurse. In my experience, many of the female patients who request "no male nurses" are extremely needy and unreasonable. I still have their names etched into my mind because some of them were on the call button about every 5 minutes as they drove their nurses insane. One of them actually refused to use the call button even after repeated explanations of how to use it. Instead, she preferred to scream at the top of her lungs when she wanted her nurse (which was about every 15-20 minutes). I have been more than happy to honor their request to not have a male nurse!