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  1. Got my package in the mail yesterday for the new participant portal that TPAPN has migrated to use. No more Recovery Trek. This new company seems to be fairly easy. I just activated my account. Let me know what you guys think that have used this. There is also an APP for our phones.

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  3. by   Ash2213
    I set up my account last night but I will be darned if I am checking in there until Sept 1. Still checking in on RT for now. I don't know about it being easier to navigate. It seems like they are doing this so they can test us more on weekends, and I highly doubt it is any less expensive! I wonder should we be expecting blood and hair tests now? Seems kinda silly to increase my monitoring in my last year of TPAPN.

    I am a little bitter about the change and the whole program right now.. excuse my bad attitude..
  4. by   TexasNurse2014
    Girl I feel ya. I think the site is more easily accessible, but I am not too happy about what you said of them possibly monitoring us more. I've never been monitored on a weekend. Not saying that it would be a big deal if I was, but it's never happened. I'm a year into TPAPN. STILL no job. I expressed to my Case Manager the other day that I really feel that since there are changes coming and new legislature, that I would really like a re-evaluation. Anyway, just rambling lol. I will check on on RT for now as well.
  5. by   TexasNurse2014
    Also, what do you think about the fee of the drug screens? I am not understanding how it's going to work. It says pay once you activate......
  6. by   Kel65
    Pay on line once you choose your lab. I can't figure out how were supposed to do our reports upload them. And I don't see where you can check and test results. I don't like that.
  7. by   Kel65
    I'm with you. 7 days waiting for a positive option 1 ethanol to be proven a false positive ( absolutely didn't drink) and now this. Hard not to get annoyed.
  8. by   TexasNurse2014
    I'm gonna have to do some more exploring on that site.
  9. by   Kel65
    Be careful I hit the self test and accidentally ordered an option 15. That sounds scarey, it may test for everything and cough drops too. Don't want to go down over my cough drops .
  10. by   TexasNurse2014
    Oh Sh** can you tell them it was an accident? That is scary !
  11. by   Kel65
    I called them and they cancelled. I was ready to hit the Peth button though, getting discouraged waiting for the etg results and then my case worker called with the negative.
  12. by   lfarleyfisher
    Hi TexasNurse2014, What new legislation is on the horizon?
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  14. by   TexasNurse2014
    Did you find it?