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In need of so much support and information from fellow Tpapn nurses. I have been on Tpapn for 18 months, no problems, take only prescribed meds per dr. (Celexa, relpax, lasix, and phenergan PRN for... Read More

  1. by   victoria66
    What kind of support is TPAPN supposed to provide ? I can not get a job !!!
  2. by   TXRN2
    @ Victoria: TPAPN is your monitoring program- they provide the guidelines, structure- they have to approve your job, but do not help you find one. Your LCDC might be able to provide some help with ideas about a job, your advocate might have some ideas- but it is mostly up to you to "pound the pavement". It's not easy, that's for sure!
  3. by   TXRNC
    Don't loose heart it took me over 18 mo to get a job and then to be told my contract was being extended to cover the 12 mo working part but it can be done and no TPAPN won't help. Apply any and everywhere places you think are your last resort may be your only resort.
  4. by   chynad1
    What was the outcome?
  5. by   bubbles079
    I haven't read the comments but, hair test for sure!!!
  6. by   Bighair
    Any update on the hair follicle testing?
  7. by   PCORRAL
    What is option 3 mean ?
  8. by   Biosphere
    Their are definitely false positives , human errors not withstanding, but I assure you that if you are sober then you have nothing to worry about. Simply opt for the hair folicle test. I never worried about it because I know it can eventually be proven one way or the other if in fact you are innocent. People that are innocent generally are not concern what the results are because of what they know to be true. It all comes out in the end, trust me.
  9. by   rnadvocate0218
    From personal experience, at first I tried figuring out what different options are testing for. I soon realized, I didn't have to know. I'm fully I wasn't putting any chemicals in my body. Drug screen has a flat fee. At the end, all I cared about was showing up every time I get randomized.