this is going to be harder than i thought.....

  1. every job I've applied for has said "NO". i'm in the FL IPN program and have 5 misdemeanors on my record. I guess i'm probably going to have to quit. nobody is going to hire me for the O.R. who am I kidding????? one look at my criminal background and I am pre-judged. I'll never work as a nurse again. how stupid am I??????? I can't believe I got myself in this position.
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  3. by   Oogie
    Hey, go easy on yourself, believe in yourself, that you are on track for doing what your heart says "Nursing". You may have a lot of steps to take before you get to the OR, but don't quit if this is what you want to do! Don't beat yourself up for what you've done in the past either, accept it and look only at what your have to do to move foreward. Nothing will change your past, whether you quit nursing or not. Never give up, Never Surrender, may sound stupid but be your own best friend. Peace
  4. by   Junebug59
    thank you Oogie for the encouragement. I am just so frustrated and beaten down at this point. I went from being known as an experienced o.r. nurse who got every travel position I applied for to now being a convicted piece of garbage that no one wants...... my self esteem is non existent.....
  5. by   Meriwhen
    Is expungement a possibility for any of these charges? Being able to expunge as much as possible would help improve your appearance in the eyes of employers.
  6. by   Junebug59
    I don't have the money for that and in florida, all your arrests are listed under your license, so potential employers will see it anyway..... as you can see, i'm pretty much screwed. I may as well drop out before I waste any more money in this IPN program....
  7. by   Oogie
    Ya know Virgo, I've felt very much the same as you. I got a DWI on top of a DWI, never did anything @ work, my patients, or peers mind you. Legal fees, Lawyer fees, fined until I feel like I'm dancing down the street just throwing what little money I have hither and yon. I've been humbled, humiliated, stiffelled by restrictions, go to AA meetings after long shifts, UA's whenever they feel like testing me. All along scared ******** I'm losing my livelihood because of some stupid mistakes. I've felt like quiting a hundred times over, But ya know what its then I realize, I'm not ready to quit on myself. I'm a good person that's just made some bad choices and I'm worth fighting for!
    So I paid them lawyers and court fees, did my time, I check in daily and **** in a cup on command, I know I'm clean. I know I'm worth fighting for. I've played by all there rules EXACTLY how they say. I've fought my way back to a respectable member of our team. I stay on course and in 4 months I've finished my time. Damn Happy New Year it will be. That's what I mean when I say believe in yourself, never give up, never surrender, you'd only be quitting on your own best friend ....."YOU"... Peace
  8. by   Junebug59
    thanks oogie!!! that gives me hope! did you find a job? any tips on finding a job?
  9. by   Oogie
    My troubles were on my personal time, away from the hospital. My work record exceptional, I also have a Clinical Manager who was very much supportive of me (I was point blank honest with her) so I never lost my job. However with the stipulation placed I was severely handicapped as an RN and was not much more than a glorified NA until the restrictions were lifted. I'm very fortunate, I know people in IOP that diverted, did their time and eventually were able to restart their careers, so It ain't easy, stay true to yourself. I would think any unit that does not give narcs (Dialysis, Case workers, Preadmission testing) would be where I would start looking, any where to get my foot in the door. Like I said, I was lower than a GN, (with 20 yr exp.) BUT I know I will finish this, and am now planning a trip to Costa Rica as a reward. Believe in yourself Virgo, you can do this! Peace
  10. by   Junebug59
    thanks for the encouragement. same here, never interfered with my job (when I had a job). I was a traveler. at least you have a job.... do you have a criminal background? I can't seem to find anyone on this site who has dealt with having an arrest record.
  11. by   Oogie
    Yes, I have a C. B. I was a wild child long before I every thought of being an RN. I answered folks questions directly but never "volunteered" any other info. Can you get any references from the work peeps ya worked for before your troubles? Maybe that would help shed light on what a great RN you are! Get your foot in the door. Peace
  12. by   Junebug59
    thanks oogie!! I have several RN friends and a couple of managers i'm using for references.
  13. by   nowim clean
    Try LTC , doctors offices also find a local caduceus meeting they are full of doctors and nurses get to know them and maybe they will reach out to you.
  14. by   Junebug59
    great idea!! do LTC facilities care if you only have O.R. experience?